James Fetzer: Updates on Sandy Hook Lawsuit – Prediction by Robert Steele UPDATE from Alert Reader + Ryan Dawson Video on Twelve Zionist Billionaires

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Here are the three latest documents on the Sandy Hook lawsuit brought by Pozner against Fetzer.

ROBERT STEELE: While Alex Jones is rolling over and playing dead in Texas against multiple Sandy Hook lawsuits, Jim Fetzer is fighting back and I predict he will win. I am also learning that there is a massive class action lawsuit emergent against all officials (local, state, and federal) and all “parents” and others who perpetuated this false flag event and then proceeded to abuse multiple court processes, commit perjury and fraud upon multiple courts and in passing stole via charity fraud over $30 million from the public with a false narrative about a false flag event. The culpable individuals probably think they have immunity from operating with national security warrants of indemnification. They are in for a very very nasty awakening and will I believe be harshly treated by the public in a manner similar to how the Norwegians treated “quislings.” They all betrayed the public trust in the most horrific manner possible, creating a national trauma for venal objectives.

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Sandy Hook @ Phi Beta Iota


I have followed this from the beginning and my observation from the beginning was that this was and is the heart of a local pedo ring that used this school and entire community for trafficking kids … that is why it was so easy to create the fake personas … there appears to be a number of people who have appeared even as Pozner …

the entire thing reeks of CIA oversight and top down control of course coming out of the Obama White House which created ISIS, and sustained the international pedo community with HRC as secretary of state … with gun control the central issue in this “event” … the same with Florida Lakeland etc these were places that under cover of education were centers for processing kids in the pedo rings … just like Columbus Ohio i sent a video to James some time ago exposing this sleepy midwest city as the hub of the pedo world … so on the surface was the sandy hook event … selected since the entire town including the coroner, police, and school were in on the operation so easy to keep everything looking real … but when James and others like you Robert blew the whistle this had to be stopped to protect the larger entity … the pedo rings … they came after alex jones who folded like an old suite … but as you say the entire thing cannot withstand real scrutiny … expect a second wave of high level interference as they have to protect the pedo rings that is the bigger issue in all of this … hope that makes sense …

Phi Beta Iota: Columbus Ohio is Les Wexner's home base. Les Wexner is known to have funded Jeffrey Epstein as a fake billionaire to manage the Mossad-CIA-FBI pedophilia entrapment operations under the supervision of Ghislaine Maxwell.  Les Wexner is also alleged to have funded the Zionist 9/11 operation with political cover from Dick Cheney.  There are twelve Zionist criminal billionaires — Les Wexner appears to be the lead — who are now subject to labeling as enemy combatants rather than common criminals. It is very likely that Les Wexner is the current “godfather” of Russian-related Zionist criminal activity as well as state-sponsored (Israel) subversion including nuclear smuggling and intellectual property theft and extortion as well as insider trading, in addition to his known engagement with trade in — and the likely torture and murder of — children.


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