Mongoose: Swiss Neutrality Demolished by Complicity in CIA-Controlled Encryption Company

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CIA-owned encryption company jeopardised Swiss neutrality: report

Investigators concluded that Swiss authorities were aware of, and at times complicit in, an elaborate espionage operation in which the CIA covertly owned and controlled a Swiss company, Crypto AG, that secretly sold rigged encryption systems to foreign governments.

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ROBERT STEELE: The Argentines lost the Falklands / Malvinas War because they were using this compromised encyption system.  They have reasonable claims against the Swiss, the Germans, and the Americans for that act of war.

Even more interesting to me is the possibility that HAMMER and SCORECARD could be declassified, with specific attention by President Trump to all instances where CIA manipulated a foreign election to install as Deep State puppet while thwarting the will of the people. That delegitimizes tens if not hundreds of elections, which in turn deligimizes thousands of political and economic and social decisions made by the installed puppets.

In so many ways the next  two months represent not just Trump against the Deep State for whom Biden-Harris are a puppet, but Trump against the CIA and other tools of the Deep State that have  been used to prey on t he entire world.

I interpret the recent Pentagon firings as a clear sign that the President is moving toward  the Insurrection Act; toward the arrest of people like John Brennan; and  toward some form of military tribunal action against roughly 1,000 people starting with the Rothchilds and ending at the bottom with those like John Brennan and James Comey and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

In passing, I agree with The Saker, the mainstream and social media are committing political suicide by doubling down on known lies, this will have financial and  technical consequences when we go to create Web 3.0 that cannot be censored.


Hammer and Scorecard: Are CIA programs designed to interfere in foreign elections being used in the US now?

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