Stephen E. Arnold: Music Star Says Social Media a Mob Mentality – Robert Steele Says Just Another Form of Mind Control

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Stephen E. Arnold

Music Star Dubs Social Media As Mob Mentality

I am not sure I knew about Taio Cruz before I read “Taio Cruz: Social Media Has a Mob Mentality.” Mr. Cruz is a musician. He knows about social media, or, at least, he knows more than I do. Plus he makes an interesting connection:

“I think there’s a mob mentality that happens in comment sections.”

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ROBERT STEELE: It has now been indisputably established that the Deep State, using the CIA as well as rogue elements of the US military, conspired to make Hollywood and the music industry tools for their Satanic program of population control. They have also controlled the Mainstream Media (MSM) and social media (#GoogleGestapo also known as BigTech). As we face prospects of the “Great Reset” [using COVID (COver for Vaccination ID) as a means to lockdown the world, impose mask slavery submission and then mandatory vaccinations  that will diminish humanity and enable 5G micro-electromagnetic targeting — while at the same time eliminating cash and imposing digital currency that can be blocked at any time in relation to social credit scores or other 1% agendas] humanity — the 99% — have reached a make or break moment. Vote with this thought in mind, please.


Mongoose: Illuminati Use of Satanic Music Rituals to Cast Spells on the Public

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