Reference (1996): The Brown Commission and the Future of Intelligence

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Carmen Medina What to Do When Traditional Models Fail

The Brown Commission and the Future of Intelligence

A Roundtable Discussion

On 1 March 1996, the Commission on the Roles and Capabilities of the United States Intelligence Community (the Brown Commission) issued its report to the President and to Congress. On 26 March, Studies in Intelligence board members Brian Latell, Robert Herd, John Wiant, and Bill Nolte met at the Commission’s offices in the New Executive Office Building with Ann Z. Caracristi, a member of the Commission; Staff Director L. Britt Snider; and staff members Douglas Horner, Brendan Melley, Kevin Scheid, and William Kvetkas. What follows is an edited transcript of the discussion with them, reviewed in advance by the participants.

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1995 Markowitz (US) Community Open Source Program Office (COSPO) Strategic Plan

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Joseph Markowitz
Joseph Markowitz


Dr. Joseph Markowitz is without question the most qualified Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) pioneer in the ranks of those presently in or retired from U.S. government service.  As the only real chief of the Community Open Source Program Office (COSPO) he tried valiantly to nurture a program being systematically undermined by both the leadership and the traditional broadcast monitoring service.  When he moved on to advise the Defense Science Board, he served America well by helping them fully integrate the need for both defense open source information collection and exploitation, and defense information sharing with non-governmental organizations.  His persistent but diplomatic efforts merit our greatest regard.

Although published internally in 1995, this plan is recorded as having been shared with the OSS ’97 audience as included in the OSINT READER.

COSPO Strategic Plan February 1995
COSPO Strategic Plan February 1995

1992 National Intelligence Council: Open Source Task Force–A Vision for the Future

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1992 was a good year.  Everyone tried to do the right thing, but the forces of passive aggressive opposition were over-whelming.  Within the military, only the U.S. Marine Corps took this seriiously, and within the U.S. Intelligence Community (more like an archipelago) only the Defense Intelligence Agency–and within that agency only one man, Paul Wallner, took this seriously.  Everywhere we went, “nice to have, not invented here, certainly not interested in redirecting funds” was the refrain.  Below is a decent effort by decent people.

First Real Effort
First Real Effort