Anthony Judge: Transforming and Interweaving the Ways of Being Stoned — Imagination, Promise, Rocks, Memorials, Petrification

Knowledge, P2P / Panarchy
Anthony Judge

Transforming and Interweaving the Ways of Being Stoned
Imagination, Promise, Rocks, Memorials, Petrification

 Laetus in praesens, 4 Sep 2012


This experiment explores analogies between the mnemonic pentagrams fundamental to the Hygieia understanding of health of Pythagoreans and to its current understanding through the Wu Xing system of Chinese culture. The focus here is however on their relevance to the dynamics of “cognitive health”, especially with respect to a global knowledge-based society — whose conflicts are variously driven by societies attaching central significance to the pentagonal star. This follows an earlier exploration of symbolic framings (Middle East Peace Potential through Dynamics in Spherical Geometry: engendering connectivity from incommensurable 5-fold and 6-fold conceptual frameworks, 2012).

Fivefold clustering of ways of being stoned
Towards a cognitive variant of the viable systems model
Comprehending cognitive metabolism
Cycles of enstoning forming mnemonic pentagrams: Hygiea and Wu Xing
Potentially health developmental integrity from 5-fold symmetry
Cognitive health as a sustainable cycle of self-reflexivity
Mnemonic possibilities towards cognitive health
Memetic osmosis around a 5-fold pattern of enstoning
Health and sustainability misleadingly framed as target acquisition
Frames of reference and conceptual revolution
Magnum Opus: cyclic transformation of Qi / Chi?
Enstoning as degrees of material formalization

Anthony Judge: Recognizing the Psychosocial Boundaries of Remedial Action

Culture, Economics/True Cost, Geospatial, Knowledge, Politics
Anthony Judge

31st October 2009 | Draft

Recognizing the Psychosocial Boundaries of Remedial Action

constraints on ensuring a safe operating space for humanity


Planetary boundaries of the environmental system
Necessity for urgent action, globally, regionally and locally
Global remedial action boundaries
Substantiating the remedial capacity boundaries
Polyocular strategic vision
Systemic isomorphism
Representation of boundaries of coherence of complex systems
In quest of systemic functional connectivity

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Anthony Judge: 12 Mindsets Ensuring Disappearance of Employment Opportunities

Culture, Economics/True Cost
Anthony Judge

5 August 2012 | Draft

12 Mindsets Ensuring Disappearance of Employment Opportunities

Towards a systemic reframing of the job culture

Mindsets endangering employment
Job culture vs. Recreation culture
Future of employment as a work-recreation hybrid
Challenging case studies in employment
Boredom and unemployment
Sustainable employment as exemplified by dialogue amongst archetypes
Enactivating an archetypal pattern of employment and unemployment
Confidence embodied in an interwoven set of circulating currencies
Cycling between tangible and intangible
Sustainability: Doing nothing intelligently?

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Anthony Judge: Implication of Indwelling Intelligence in Global Confidence-building

Advanced Cyber/IO, Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence
Anthony Judge

Implication of Indwelling Intelligence in Global Confidence-building

Sustaining the construction and dynamic of psychosocial reality through questioning


In a period in which security concerns have given a special sense to exclusive acquisition of “intelligence” on a global scale, there is a case for exploring the implications of other understandings of intelligence in a global knowledge-based society. What of distributed intelligence, collective intelligence, self-reflective intelligence and the nature of indwelling intelligence — as a complement to corresponding forms of ignorance?

Experiential operational descriptors
Engagement with indwelling intelligence through nature
Engagement with indwelling intelligence through buildings and artefacts
Indwelling intelligence of the human body
Indwelling intelligence in personal life experience
Indwelling intelligence through encounter with an “other”
Indwelling intelligence within collectives and communities
Indwelling intelligence within systems of belief
Branding barrier, semiotic barrier and status barrier
“Universal” intelligence from an “unconditioned” perspective?
Indwelling intelligence from an extraterrestrial perspective
Intraterrestrials? Outdwelling intelligence? Cyclic intelligence? Mirror awareness?
Periodic possibility: an alternative presentation
Intelligence and Ignorance: a necessary complementarity?
Dynamic of indwelling intelligence: questioning learning
Engendering global confidence through sustaining an indwelling question

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