Norie Huddle: Open Source Medicine

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Norie Huddle

Corporations Killed Medicine. Here’s How to Take It Back.

For most of human history, life-saving drugs were a public good. Now they’re only good for shareholders.

Fran Quigley

For nearly all of human history, attempting to corner the markets on affordable medicines has been considered both immoral and illegal. It’s time now to reclaim this commons, and reestablish medicines as a public good.

Nancy Banks: Manifesto for a New Healthcare Model

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Nancy Banks

The Manifesto for a New Health Care Model is a ten point platform that analyzes both the two super and four sub-structure cost drivers of the health care system and offers a way to resolve the gridlock. The two superstructures are the capture and monopoly control of the money supply by a private entity issuing money as debt and the economics of hidden wealth transfer mechanisms that equates income derived from the FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate and law) sector with income derived from real capitol production. The substructure cost drivers are: Continue reading “Nancy Banks: Manifesto for a New Healthcare Model”

YouTube (29:28) Weaponized Food — Food as Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD)

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Betty Boop: TRUMP CARE — Simplicity with Honesty?

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A citizen offers this commentary.

TRUMPCARE – A Simple Replacement for Obamacare!

The “HOOKS”!

The idiom – “get your HOOKS into someone” means “having influence, control, or possession over another person”!

The “Hooks” that health insurance companies utilize  to brainwash people into thinking they need expensive health insurance are the FEAR of having to pay artificially “Inflated” and “Catastrophic” healthcare claims!

TRUMPCARE removes the HOOKS!

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