Yoda: E-Democracy & Blockchain Content (Links)

#OSE Open Source Everything, Innovation, P2P / Panarchy, Politics, Software
Tip of the Hat to the Staff of Humanitad, founded by Sacha Stone
DApp to create and govern DAO´s (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) also working on some sort of digital jurisdiction.
District oriented network of decentralised markets (collaborating with ARAGON)

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Richard Stallman

#OSE Open Source Everything, Access, Architecture, Software
Richard Stallman

Below the fold are thirteen links to the most important statements from Richard Stallman, father of GNU (GNU’s Not Unix), and arguably the most important mind responsible for starting the Open Source Everything revolution. He prefers the term Free.

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Yoda: Klint Finley in WIRED – “Open Source Won. So, Now What?


yoda with light saberAt 20%, everyone is.  To do, much more.

Open Source Won. So, Now What?

It’s the latest in a long line of high-profile victories for the open source movement. As recently as a decade ago, the worlds of both government and business worried that using open source software would open them up to bugs, security holes, and countless lawsuits. But despite these early fears, open source came to dominate the digital landscape.

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