Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & the Deep State

06 Family, 07 Other Atrocities, 09 Justice, 10 Transnational Crime, 11 Society, 6 Star Special, Congress (Failure, Reform), Crime (Corporate), Crime (Government), Crime (Organized, Transnational), Empire, Sorrows, Hubris, Blowback, Executive (Partisan Failure, Reform), Intelligence (Public), Justice (Failure, Reform), Power (Pathologies & Utilization), Religion & Politics of Religion, Secrecy & Politics of Secrecy, Voices Lost (Indigenous, Gender, Poor, Marginalized), War & Face of Battle
Joachim Hagopian

This is the new Table of Contents for a book being posted by the chapter free online and as Kindle Shorts, then as a book at Amazon CreateSpace when completed.

Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State by Joachim Hagopian

by Joachim Hagopian

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Review: Trance: Formation of America

6 Star Special, America (Founders, Current Situation), Atrocities & Genocide, Congress (Failure, Reform), Consciousness & Social IQ, Crime (Government), Executive (Partisan Failure, Reform), Intelligence (Government/Secret), Power (Pathologies & Utilization), Secrecy & Politics of Secrecy, Voices Lost (Indigenous, Gender, Poor, Marginalized)
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Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips

SIX STARS The single most dangerous book in America today

At the age of 65, with a lifetime of both experience across the secret world including nine years as a clandestine case officer (spy) for the Central Intelligence Agency, and a lifetime of education and reading including 2,500 reviews across 98 categories at Amazon (making me the top Amazon reviewer for non-fiction), I have never been more shocked, more disgusted, more outraged, than by this book.

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Stephen E. Arnold: Dark Web Notebook — Core Reference

5 Star, Information Operations, Information Society, Information Technology, IO Impotency
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Stephen E Arnold: Dark Web Use Expected to Increase

Author predicts filtering and other restrictions on the open Internet will push more users toward secret encrypted platforms

Despite stepped-up efforts by federal and local law enforcement agencies, the Dark Web and the contraband markets that thrive there will continue to grow in the coming years. That’s the conclusion shared by author and consultant Stephen E Arnold in his new book Dark Web Notebook, a practical guide for law enforcement, intelligence, and corporate security personnel.

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