Review: The True Cost of Low Prices–The Violence of Globalization

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Amazon Page

Superb Overview of True Cost of False Profits (Pun Intended),

January 4, 2007

Vincent A. Gallagher

“True Cost” has become a meme that is rapidly spreading and revealing to the public how insane and unfair many of our so-called “free trade” policies are. This book is a superb piece of informed scholarship with a strong foundation on real-world practice, and the auther is both objective and empathetic. True costs and real slaves of the global economy (who join the US prison population in slavery).

Soon Paul Hawken (see Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution) will open the World Index of Social and Environmental Responsibility (WISER) and WikiCalc will be available. I anticipate a huge outpouring of information that allows anyone with a cell phone to scan the barcode, send it to WISER or Amazon, and get back both the “true cost” of any good in terms of carbon, water, slavery, and tax avoidance, and pointers to the nearest green and local alternative products.


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