Review: RealSpace–The Fate of Physical Presence in the Digital Age, On and Off Planet

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Gem of Reflection

September 22, 2007

Paul Levinson

I am sorry to say that with all the reading I do, this is the first time I have come across Paul Levinson. This is a gem of a book, and I will attend to anything else he write, and hope to hear him in person someday.

The author, the book, and by the authors account, California, converges four vectors:

– Cyberspace where its just information, not “real”
– Outer Space, where he believes we need to go
– Inner Space, with hightened spiritual awareness being important
– RealSpace, which only live beings with all their senses can engage

I found this gem to be absorbing and it rounded out my Sunday morning reading quite nicely. Some bullets I took away:

– No senses of smell, touch, taste in cyberspace
– Knowledge is not Experience
– Walking and talking are intertwined
– Cell phone is antidote to Interent, restores ability to work in the real world and not be chained to a computer or cubicle
– Makes care for business, not governments, to fund space exploration
– Discusses robots as useful for some things but no substitute for humans
– Discusses how much we missed in our evaluation of Mars until we actually had a real soil sample with traces of bacteria
– Wants a World Spaceport Center at WTC site in NYC, adds chapter on terrorism and sspace.

The selected bibliography, with annotation, is quite remarkable. I am only familiar with a third of what is catalogued there.

This book helped me understand Jeff Bezos better, and that is always useful.

The author buys into the myths of 9/11. This is disappointing.

Some other books that his is a complement to:
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