Journal: The Cloud Bubbas (Two Bubbettes) Met on 3 September and You Were Not Invited

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Early Warning Story Online
Early Warning Story Online

Cloud of Clouds is the new new meme, burying Semantic Web. You can see Vint Cerf in his traditional vest.  We’ve asked for the names of all those attending, perhaps that will come out soon.

In the meantime, we see Google and CISCO-Nokia going head to head, whle Amazon and IBM fritter on the sides, HP brings out SkyRoom, and China creates its own Google killer.  What India might be up to is a mystery–if we were in their shoes we’d be putting a Nokia factory in EACH province, and demanding that all computers sold in india be wireless equipped and capable of creating ad hoc neighborhood clouds that can survive the Obama Administration’s shutting down of the Internet in the USA.

Of possible interest:

Robert Steele’s Briefing on Real Time Information

IBM’s White Paper on Creating a Dynamic Infrastructure Through Virtualization

IBM’s Short Video New Intelligence Toward a Smarter Planet

IBM’s Short Video Dynamic Infrastructure for a Smarter Planet

Phi Beta Iota: We need an MCC equivalent for the whole enchilada from analog data capture to desktop decision-support.

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