Journal: Guantanamo “Suicides”–Shamed Again

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Murder and Cover-Up

The Guantánamo Suicides


My friends who served in the military speak of the pride with they performed what  they viewed as their duty. This duty included the obligation to act with honor, including, above all, following the Geneva Conventions when handling detainees and prisoners of war. My friends tell sadly of the despair they felt in seeing this obligation shredded during the Bush administration as word came down that they should do “whatever it takes.”  Some of them resigned in disgust. Others resisted what they viewed as moral decay from within.

A new story by attorney Scott Horton at Harpers reveals yet another very disturbing episode of dishonor. Horton reveals strong credible evidence that three alleged “suicides” at Guantanamo in June 2006 were really homicides. The official story is that during the night of  June 9, 2006, three prisoners were found hanging in their cells in Alpha Block of Guantanamo's Camp 1.

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Stephen Soldz is a psychoanalyst, psychologist, public health researcher, and faculty member at the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis. He edits the Psyche, Science, and Society blog. He is a founder of the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology, one of the organizations working to change American Psychological Association policy on participation in abusive interrogations. He is President-Elect of Psychologists for Social Responsibility [PsySR].

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Harper’s vivid account was made possible by the conscience of one soldier – Sergeant Joe Hickman – who came forward upon Obama’s inauguration a year ago, and tried to go through proper ‘channels’ to reawaken allegiance to the rule of law, and humanity, in the United States Executive and Legislative Branches of government, apparently to no avail.

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Drawing on stunning revelations from Joe Hickman, a sergeant with Camp America's exterior security force at Guantanamo in 2006, Horton also provides strong evidence for the existence of a CIA secret prison, dubbed “Camp No,” at Guantanamo.Alter.Net:  Harrowing New Report Exposes Chilling Truth Behind So-Called “Suicides” at Guantanamo

Everyone at Guantánamo knew about it. Everyone covered it up. Everyone is still covering it up.

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