Reference: The Secret Life (True Cost) of Beef

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INFORM launches third video in “The Secret Life” series

(New York City) INFORM, Inc., the educational and advocacy nonprofit that raises environmental consciousness through visual media, has just launched “The Secret Life of Beef,” an engaging and enlightening six-minute video. The video increases awareness about the environmental impacts of industrial beef production, illustrates how it contributes to global warming, and offers more sustainable alternatives.

Americans consume over twenty-eight billion pounds of beef a year, one of the highest per capita rates in the world, yet few beef eaters are aware of the connection between their dietary choices and the environmental damage caused by beef production.

  • Livestock production produces one-fifth of all global greenhouse gases, more than all transportation sources combined
  • It takes seven pounds of grain and 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of hamburger
  • Seventy percent of all antibiotic use in the U.S. is used in livestock production

“The Secret Life of Beef” tells its story through academic experts, grass-fed beef farmers, chefs, sustainable butchers, educators, and restaurant owners. It also offers more eco-friendly alternatives to the heavy meat consuming habits of most Americans—from going meatless one day a week to purchasing grass-fed beef.

  • If every American went meatless one day a week, it would be equivalent to taking eight million cars off the road.
  • The best way to reduce your carbon footprint is to reduce your overall beef consumption.

For a preview viewing of “The Secret Life of Beef,” visit:

INFORM’s “Secret Life” series are breezy short-format videos that build awareness about environmental challenges with an emphasis on solutions. Their goal is to empower viewers with the understanding that every day consumer choices count. Included in the series are “The Secret Life of Paper,” which won The Rethinking Resources Award at the 9th annual Media That Matters Film Festival, and “The Secret Life of Cell Phones.”  The series has been seen by over two million viewers in 80 countries and screened in numerous film festivals internationally. The videos are available for purchase by schools, libraries, organizations, companies and individuals for $10 each. Contact Yon Lam, Communications Associate at with any questions or concerns.


INFORM, Inc. is a media-based education and advocacy group located in New York City. Its mission is to raise awareness about the effects of human activity on the planet through fact-based, engaging, entertaining and concise videos that blend substance with style. INFORM’s mission is to inspire ordinary citizens from every walk of life and political persuasion to take action. For more information, visit us at, or call 212-361-2400.

INFORM, Inc. is dedicated to educating the public about the effects of human activity on the environment and public health. Our goal is to empower citizens, business and government to adopt practices and policies that will sustain our planet for future generations.

Get involved and help us PRESERVE the environment, PROTECT human health and INFORM the public.

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