Poverty & Nuclear Power: Pros and Cons

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Poverty to Dictate Future Power Play

Geoffrey T. Smith, Wall Street Journal

March 17, 2011

Those who believe that economics, rather than individuals or events, is the driving force behind history are going to have their faith sorely tested in the coming weeks.

Emotion and experience say the revival of nuclear power can not and should not continue after the events at Fukushima. Economics, and the political imperatives that it creates, say it is inevitable.

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Phi Beta Iota: The article is very, very good on the conventional wisdom.  The author is particularly on point with respect to poverty being the prime imperative for the future.  Where the author's logic falls short, however, is with respect to the larger context and the possibilities that Buckminster Fuller envisioned: not only can we achieve infinite free renewable energy (WITHOUT creating global warming and WITHOUT proliferation of nuclear power plants), but we do NOT need to impose on the five billion poor our archaic standards that waste 50% of all resources across the various policy domains from Agriculture to Water.  What is yet missing, that no government, no corporation, no university, no international organization provides, is a Strategic Analytic Model such as Earth Intelligence Network has developed.  Combined with full discovery and disclosure of true cost information for all current products and services; and with a global range of needs table that connects the one billion rich to the five billion poor at the micro-giving level, it is now possible, using information technology and a global network of informed individuals, to eradicate all ten threats to humanity by harmonizing spending across the twelve policy areas.  Intelligence (decision-support) is design.  As we now see with Revolution 2.0, crowdsourcing the revolution is possible.  If we are to avoid the twin disasters of nuclear proliferation and global warming as we move forward mindful of the need to harness the human brainpower and human entrepreneurship of the five billion poor, then we must find it in ourselves to fund and follow a World Brain and Global Game.

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