Pakistan Demarche to CIA, Envoy Leaves Early

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From the trenches…..the gulf dividing the West (primarily the US) and AFPAK continues to expand….lack of understanding is the primary reason.

Terrorism & Security

Pakistan demands drawdown of US drones, CIA agents

The disclosure comes after the head of Pakistani intelligence abruptly cut short a trip to Washington this week after meeting with CIA director Leon Panetta yesterday.

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Phi Beta Iota: We know that US intelligence is failing to provide more than 4% “at best” of what commander and policy makers need.  That makes $80-90 billion a year a hot prospect for cuts.  To have this fraud, waste, and domestic abuse compounded by its use–with the willful orders of the White House and the impeachable neglect of the Congress–within another sovereign country whose permission has NOT been secured, suggests that a total draw-down of inept and expensive and offensive US intelligence operations should join the closure of US military bases overseas as part of the total “first phase” of budget cuts.  What US secret intelligence does “in our name” dishonors the Republic, it does NOT secure anything.

Members of Waziristan Students Federation chant slogan during a rally to condemn US drone attacks in Waziristan tribal regions, on March 19, in Peshawar, Pakistan. Mohammad Sajjad/AP

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