Bin Laden Show 23: Ding Dong Osama’s Dead–Ten Years and Trillions Too Late–A PR Stunt

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John Robb

JOURNAL: Ding Dong Osama's Dead

Too little too late.  A couple of trillion $$ and ten years late.  Too little in that we got a corpse instead of a captive, when there was an opportunity to take him alive (or “mostly dead” if you get the reference).

In all, we got more of a PR stunt than an actual historical event.  Why?  A trial could be cathartic and that is dangerous.  It would reveal the gap between demonization and reality.  It would also deflate the fear bubble.

Fear was/is so useful in making the defense and homeland security dollars flow (at levels beyond reason) and perpetuating the government's emergency powers.

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