Bin Laden Show 24: Abbottabad Resident Say Bin Laden Operations a Hoax

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Abbottabad residents: Operation of killing Bin Laden a hoax (Xin Hua, 5 May 2011)

An eyewitness of Pakistan said, “We are not fools, it's America, and the dirty American policies. Whenever they want to take control of an area, they act this way. Osama was never here, America wants to destroy the image of the Pakistan army.”

“Osama Bin Laden Dead, Al Qaeda Confirms”…Really? (OpEdNews, 6 May 2011)

If I wasn't 100% convinced before that the killing of bin Laden was a hoax, with these newly released claims of confirmation by Al Qaeda, I am now.

Bin Laden Conspiracies Rely on Complex Scenarios

Phi Beta Iota: What is astonishing is that nominally intelligent organizations such as DiscoveryNews have difficulty grasping the reality of a hoax that relies on Bin Laden's having been dead all these years, not producing the unarmed body, and then faking the Al Qaeda announcement.  We are not 100% certain but we are assuredly 80% certain that this was a hoax and the US Government should be investigated by independent authorities.  If it was a hoax, it is an impeachable event.  Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about oral sex from a chubby intern.  Surely the truth of this matter is a bit more important.

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