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Mark Borax and Ellias Lonsdale

5.0 out of 5 stars Phenomenal Starting Point for Anyone Opening Up, May 24, 2011

Disclosure: I bought this book because I am negotiating a contract with the publisher for a book in their new Manifesto series (tentative title: Manifesto for Truth–Public Intelligence in the Public Interest). I wanted to get a “sense” of where the publisher was grounded. I am also looking at (these were given to me) four of the books by Patricia Cori the most interesting to me being an early one, No More Secrets, No More Lies: A Handbook to Starseed Awakening (Sirian Revelations).

Ten years ago I would have considered this book–and those of Patricia Cori–to be off the wall, psycho-babble. Not now! Now, after a decade of being exposed to deeply grounded common sense among individuals such as Tom Atlee, Harrison Owen, Paul Hawkins, Barbara Marx-Hubbard, Peggy Holman and so many others, I find this book to be *startlingly* effective, easy to read, and full of *so many* gifted phrases. The authors, each published on their own, are strong together. Along with the other books that I list below within my ten book limit, I absolutely recommend this book as a window into the period of Awakening that begins now–2012 is not about apocalypse, it is about the death of atrocities against humanity by governments and corporations and banks, and the emergence of the human spirit and the human mind into a Whole Earth manifestation that “connects” with the larger Cosmos. I am not fully mature yet, but this book is a helpful point of reference.

Among many take-aways (it is certainly worth reading multiple times, something I rarely do):

Marko Pogacnik, a Slovenian environmental visionary, is not mentioned much but is clearly “root” and worthy of more attention from all of us. Here is just one of over ten books by this author: Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings: Working with the Intelligence in Nature–it sounds like a spiritual companion to another of my favorite books, Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature.

The existence of multiple levels of consciousness, with most of us being “unconscious” and totally accepting of the dehumanizing imposed state of scarcity, instead of the non-zero fully human world we are capable of creating.

Polarization and disruption are normal, and as they become near catastrophic, this is a good thing–an inevitable awakening and integration is at hand.

QUOTE (25) written before the Arab Spring: “A movement has begun and is in its earliest stages. It's not connected to any political party, social group or religion. It's not limited to any country, state or city. It's rising spontaneously from the soul of a species sick to death of living a lie.”

Our children (the “digital natives”) are not just digitally-distinct from us, but spiritually-distinct as well.

“Inter-connectedness” is growing in visibility, reversing centuries of fragmentation and sub-division.

The more humans open up to each other, the closer they get to telepathy or harmonization.

Age of Aquarius beginning in 2012 will last two thousand years–20 centuries

QUOTE (41): “The new revolution is less based on a primal urge to revel, and more based on the need to see we're all in it together. It's less us-versus-them and more about the whole human organism taking a giant step forward.”

Family stress comes with the change–families that married and gave birth under older consciousness models may not survive the turmoil of one but not all members striving to explore the new ground.

Anger toward others is the sludge at the bottom of the barrel. Giving up all enemies, however justified (smile), is the first step toward unleashing your potential to connect to all others. I'm 58 and I still don't get this, but it's on the table.

Halfway through the first third of the book I pause to reflect on the similarities in mind-set and approach between the astrology community “listening” to the stars, and the extra-terrestrial community “listening” for the signals.

Dysfunctionality is a cleansing force. It is necessary.

QUOTE (59): “When you're trapped in dysfunction and don't know a way through but somehow you do–what you make of such an entrenched position–this is the real story of our time.”

The current “culture” of organized society is delusional–one could even say psychopathic.

I am reminded to Tom Atlee commitment to being a citizen rather than a member of a political party, as the book discusses how transformation is human; it is neither ideological nor religious in nature.

Energy Management is central here, but in a completely different sense than that used by Buckminster Fuller. I find the duality of human energy versus artificial energy quite stimulating.

QUOTE (101): [Italics in original] I want out. I've gotta come out. I need to think differently. I need to see differently. I need to know myself differently. I don't identify with this any longer. This is a fading frequency. This is an old story. I don't want to be in it any further. I can't be in it any further.

I read the above (in italics) five times. If I could communicate just one message to all of my colleagues laboring in the US Government and particularly the intelligence and defense communities, it would be this. They are good people trapped in a bad system with–they think–“no way out.”

June 2012 to June 2015 will be a time of great turmoil during with the “sludge” perspectives on Earth resist and seek to undermine the “awakening” perspectives. It will be a time of conflict–mostly spiritual–and “hearing the mob” will be very important–this resonates with my past decade of interest in Collective Intelligence, and especially Howard Rheingold's book, Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution.

The middle of the book discusses mass craziness, and it is here that I begin to appreciate how wrong I have been to fight mass craziness with precision criticism. The authors are strong on the need to not feed that fire, to be present with compassion but not in opposition.

Immersion in the false (de-humanizing) reality has created billions of egos isolated from one another. Those who wish to open up and define a more human reality are–in the author's term–“spiritual outlaws.”

The feminine is–and must–come to the fore during this age of change. Here I have to mention Mapping the Moral Domain: A Contribution of Women's Thinking to Psychological Theory and Education, an extremely valuable articulation of the difference between cold men focused on objective justice, and warm women focused on compassionate understanding.

Simultaneously–and harmoniously–we are moving from the age of the (male) physical to the age of the (female) ethos. Others have written about how we are moving toward a world in which art is the highest accomplishment. Intangible value is coming to the fore, and “hard money” is on the way out.

The book ends with a discussion of love and darkness, the core points for me being that how you love others defines you as well as them, and your inner darkness cannot be ignored.

Both appendices are valuable; the first lists fifty spiritual principles mentioned in the book, with definitions, while the second discusses twelve senses, twelve realms of awareness.

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