Barack Obama Blows Heavy Smoke & Some Lies

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Sucks for You....

The remarks of the President are beneath contempt in so far as they completely avoid reality.  Every statement about Afghanistan is questionable if not an outright misrepresentation.  Al Quada and Afghanistan are not the same.  This entire statement is a crock of warm, diseased spit.   It is offensive in the extreme in its disrespect for public intelligence and the expectation of integrity in governance.

An honest president would admit that we are losing in Afghanistan and the Taliban is gaining (while also resupplying itself from our stocks); that suicide terrorism is directly related to the presence of US troops in countries where there is no public interest, only a special interest.

An honest president would apologize for attacking Libya and committing war crimes in Tripoli, a Congressional declaration of war not being in effect, and an honest president would admit that we are assassinating people–often the wrong people–all over the world.

An honest president would address the fraud that has bankrupted the nation and the corruption in the US government that allows all white collar criminals to avoid justice.

An honest president would admit that the domestic economic and social situation is desperate–the last twenty years have seen what Grover Norquist called the ultimate bi-partisanship: when the two parties get together and agree to screw the American people.

Barack Obama–like his immediate predecessors–is not an honest president.  His rhetoric is false, offensive, and if Congress were honest, which it is not, he would be facing impeachment prior to the 4th of July.

Phi Beta Iota: This just in from NIGHTWATCH (forthcoming):  …..tells a much different tale than what was said tonight…..

Just finished the first analysis of May 2011 finished.  Unprecedented level of engagements of all kinds. Over 2000 for the first time in my data sample. The number of districts under stress is over 280 out of 400, all
time high just under three-fourths.

For honest appraisals of Afghanistan, see Spinny Afghanistan.  Washington is occupied by people who lack intelligence and integrity, who have abdicated their responsibilities under their Oaths of Office to defend and support the Constitution (not a corrupt chain of command), and who have absolutely no clue how to go about–even if they wanted to–serving the public interest.

Afterthought:  The standard retired military flag officers are making fools of themselves across the channels, none more so than MajGen Bob Scales, USA (Ret), who just threw his integrity under the bus on Fox.  GO ARMY.  This is pathetic.  How do we censure retired generals for deceiving any portion of the public?

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