US Black Propaganda Behind Warrants for Gadhafi?

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Libya, Amnesty questions the Hague‘s findings: Are the rebels making up claims of mass rape?

Libya Dismisses International Court Warrants for Gadhafi, 2 Top Aides

Phi Beta Iota: Based on in-country reporting from Cynthia McKinney and others, we are quite certain that it is NATO that is committing the war crimes, and the rebels who are genociding black Libyans.  We are equally certain the International Tribunal does not have a clue in terms of validated intelligence (decision-support) and therefore conclude that in this instance  the warrants lack legitimacy and credibility and are an act of state–similar to the act of state against Martin Luther King; the act of state that sanctioned Israeli murder of US personnel aboard the USS Liberty; and the act of state that told 935 lies to create an elective three trillion dollar war on Iraq and Afghanistan.

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