John Robb: When Governments Fail, Criminal Tribes Grow

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John Robb

Monday, 25 July 2011

JOURNAL: Knights Templar Norway/Mexico

Two recent attempts at revivals of the Knights Templar.

One:  Norway.  In this video posted by Anders (the Oslo bomber) before his attack.  He makes a plea for a revival of the Knights Templar at the end of the video (the first part is an attack on liberalism/multiculturalism and islamic immigration).  His bloody attack was an attempt to jump start a revival through what’s called “a plausible promise.”

Two:  Mexico.  A splinter group from the Michoacan La Familia cartel (which is unravelling) has named themselves the Knights Templar.  They have published a code of conduct, eschew drug use, etc.  This group is active in the drug business, growing quickly (the simple rules of conduct required to join it are very viral), and killing every rival in their way (the Zetas, what’s left of La Familia, and the Mexican government troops/police).

Why?  The Knights Templar is an historical model that is a ready made formula for manufacturing fictive kinship.  Fictive kinship is the “glue” or “cement” that holds together tribes.  Manufacturing fictive kinship enables the formation of a tribe/gang/cult that is able to defend itself and its interests.

In the case of religiously grounded historical examples like this, it allows the group and its members to believe they are special.  So special they can transcend the laws, customs, and morality of the outside world without remorse/pause.  The result is a group that will often kill in a far more aggressive way than what is seen with groups that are glued together only through economic ties (al Qaeda used this approach).

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