Koko: Bloomberg & Soros Do Wrong Thing Righter

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Can George Soros, Michael Bloomberg save New York's troubled young men?

CSM, 4 August 2011

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a $127.5 million plan Thursday to help young black and Hispanic men. The effort includes money from financier George Soros and his philanthropy.


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Koko signs:  Smart men both, but neither of them has a holistic understanding of system design.  In the jungle, connectivity matters.  King of the Reflexive Practice Jungle, Dr. Russell Ackoff, would say this is a magnificent example of doing the wrong thing righter.  Paying to connect these young men to a broken system makes no sense–funding them to build a new system to displace the broken one–now that is reflexivity.  Good intentions, bad design.  We have just two questions.

1.  Has anyone asked the young men what they want?

2.  In the context of a city failing the resilience test and likely to experience near-catastrophic unemployment in the middle class over the next ten years, is there a strategy for resilience?

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