Mini-Me: Iranian (US?) Plot Continues to Unravel UPDATE

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Who? Mini-Me?

Hmmmm.  Can you spell unethical idiocy?  AT BEST, the Iranian Liberation Nut-Jobs.  AT WORST, another Israeli false flag operation.  In the middle, the usual out-of-control lunatic covert action wanna-bees.

Robert Steele adds:  if and when this becomes fully exposed, it will qualify as a “precipitant” of revolution, showing the public with stark immediacy the degree to which the US government lacks integrity as well as intelligence.

Fedor Dostoevsky: A man who lies to himself, and believes his own lies, becomes unable to recognize truth, either in himself or in anyone else.

Carl Jung:  The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community.

Daniel Ellsberg speaking to Henry Kissinger: The danger is, you’ll become like a moron. You’ll become incapable of learning from most people in the world, no matter how much experience they have in their particular areas that may be much greater than yours” [because of your blind faith in the value of your narrow and often incorrect secret information].

And now the other headlines (updated 18 Oct 2011)

18 Oct  Iran Says Saudi Plot Defendant Belongs to Exile Group

The group, also known as the National Council of Resistance of Iran, is regarded by Iran as a violent insurgent organization with a history of assassinations and sabotage aimed at overthrowing the Islamic government that took power in 1979.  … If Mr. Shakuri were in fact a member of the opposition group, it would be an embarrassing turn for the United States…

18 Oct Podcast: Sebastian Rotella on the Alleged Iranian Terror Plot

If you stop and think about it, the Mexican cartels, as violent as they are south of the border, are pretty careful north of the border. They don't do that much overt, spectacular, massive violence, even for turf.

17 Oct What the Alleged Iran Assassination Plot Means for 2012

16 Oct Too early to speak on Iran plot, says Ankara

15 Oct  Friends in Texas Question Allegations Against Iranian Terrorist Suspect

15 Oct  Chuck Spinney: Iranian Plot a Sting, False Flag, or Both?

14 Oct Penguin: Israel’s Covert Operations Inside the USA

14 Oct  The broth thickens: Iran ‘assassination plot'

Hopefully, we will still live in a world in which one can trust the Attorney General of the United States. But if it turns out that in Eric Holder we have a déjà vu of Colin Powell, then the Obama Administration is facing a deeper calamity than Bush's government.

Before that potential calamity comes becomes reality, we can still ask the US Attorney General something of a legalese nature that any layman can pose: Sir, would you, as a lawyer, go to court to make a case for shoplifting, let alone a case so dire and dangerous in its consequences, with a used car salesman with mismatched socks and misplaced keys as your star witness? Honestly sir?

14 Oct The supposed Iran plot: Immunised by Neocons

This is not to dismiss the plot as phony or contrived. But after the Iraq war experience, it would be awfully stupid of Americans to simply accept without question anything we are told about nefarious Muslim states that must be stopped before a “mushroom cloud” appears over downtown Washington.

14 Oct Penguin: Iranian Plot an FBI Sting & Entrapment Fraud

13 Oct YouTube (6:20) Iran's alleged plot a ‘Bad Movie'…..

“This does not fit the pattern of the Quds Force,” Eland, a scholar at the Independent Institute in Washington, told RT. “The Iranians have fairly been cagey in operating in various places around the world. This issue looks like a bad movie.”

13 Oct Iran Falsely Charged with Fake Terror Plot

A more sober Stratfor Global Intelligence called the plot “far-fetched.” Cautioning against claims against Iran, founder and CEO George Friedman said doing so “involve(s) substantial political risk.”

“Iran has been known to carry out preoperational surveillance in the United States, but it has not yet used this intelligence to carry out a high-profile attack.”

He added that Iran has nothing to gain from committing a terror attack on US soil and everything to lose.

Former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs PJ Crowley commented in the London Guardian, calling the alleged plot “far-fetched….(O)n the face of it (it's) so fantastic that it begs a disclaimer….It's unclear how much Iran would stand to gain by sanctioning or supporting this plot.”

Former CIA case officer Robert Baer said “the Quds are better than this. It they wanted to come after you, you'd be dead already.”

13 Oct DefDog: Iranian Bomb Plot US Lies or Iranian Nuts?

The wild story put out by the Justice Department about an Iranian assassination plot smells suspiciously like something passed through a bull’s digestive tract. But the U.S. should hope that it’s true. Because it makes Iran’s fiercest terrorist organization look like blithering idiots.

13 Oct Mounting Questions on Iran Terror Plot (Council on Foreign Relations)

The main element that falls apart dramatically is that the assassination of the Saudi ambassador in Washington was supposed to be carried out by Mexican drug cartel members. Iran has never used surrogates with whom they are unfamiliar. Non-Muslim proxy groups are never used. The Iranians have always used very well-known, familiar groups that are operationally trusted, well integrated into the Iranian strategy, like Hezbollah.

The second element that doesn't add up is the plot's origination with this Texas car salesman of Iranian origin. The Iranians almost always use active members of the Quds Force, or Iranian surrogate organizations. They do not go to ex-members or retired members, or relatives of members to carry out dedicated and organized plots.

13 Oct YouTube (6:08) Fake Terror Update: Iranian Assassination Plot, Underwear Bomber Trial

12 Oct YouTube (6:24) Questions about the ‘Alleged' Iranian plot…'Intentional Fraud?'

Hillary Mann Leverett, CEO Stratega.  Intentional fraud and false pretenses?  Even when Saudi Arabia was funding the Iraq war against Iran that killed hundreds of thousands of Iranians, not once did Iran seek to strike at the Saudis.  In no way, shape, or form does anyone in Iran benefit from this plot.  Phi Beta Iota:  Phenomenal.  The most intelligent detailed historical and culturally astute perspective available to the public today in English.

12 Oct Questions about the alleged Iranian plot

A number of Iran analysts are expressing doubt over the alleged plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the United States. Here are some excerpts:  

12 Oct Iranian Terror Plot: Fake, Fake, Fake

Not even good propaganda.  This is another one of US law enforcement’s manufactured “anti-terrorist” triumphs, where the feds set somebody up, fabricate a “crime” out of thin air, and then proceed to “solve” a case that never really existed to begin with.

12 Oct YouTube (4:15)  Is Obama Admin Fabricating Iranian Assassination Plot To Distract From Fast & Furious Investigation?  [Interview with LtCol Tony Shaffer, USA (Ret)

Inside source in FBI cannot find anything on the plot, all appearances are that it has been fabricated.

12 Oct “Brazen” alleged Iran-backed assassination plot perplexes U.S. analysts

Former Treasury Department intelligence analyst Matthew Levitt strongly doubted that Qods operatives would have become so arrogant and reckless as to plot an assassination on U.S. soil without getting approval from the top. “There are red-lines, consequences,” Levitt, now with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, told The Envoy. “If there is anything that would need approval from the higher-ups, this would be it.”

12 Oct  YouTube (10:00) Was the “terrorist plot” of Iran a false flag fabricated by US government??

12 Oct  YouTube (9:47)  On That “Iranian” Assassination Attempt

12 Oct Robert Steele: Iranian Plot or False Flag Fraud?

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