Marcus Aurelius: Hackers to Attack Feds Over Manning?

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Marcus Aurelius

Feds involved in Manning prosecution enter hackers’ crosshairs

By Aliya Sternstein

NextGov, 12/20/2011

A government-hired forensics specialist and an Army investigating officer could face online backlash from WikiLeaks supporters who are unhappy with this week’s prosecution of a U.S. soldier accused of releasing confidential government files to the anti-secrets website, a computer engineer affiliated with hacktivist group Anonymous said.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The reporter does not understand that hackers are like astronauts, pushing the edge of the envelope.  Hackers who break the law are criminals, not hackers.  Having said that, it must also be observed that US cyber-security has been non-existent since Winn Schwartau first warned Congress of an electronic Pearl Harbor, and “justice” in the classical sense of the term also appears to be non-existent under the current and immediately preceding Administrations.  Bearing in mind that law enforcement only “works” when a minority break the laws, a government that finds itself under attack by a majority has lost its legitimacy and effectiveness, and should consider either changing how it relates to the majority, or  be abolished by that majority at some inevitable point in the future.  Organized people will defeat both organized money and organized violence every single time…’s just a matter of time.

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