Marcus Aurelius: Defense “Strategy” & “Budget” — Ignorant Duplicitous Theater + META-RECAP

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Marcus Aurelius

Various media pieces on defense.

Gutting defense
Obama to shrink armed forces
The President’s Risky Defense Strategy
President Obama’s defense strategy rests on shaky assumptions
Obama military strategy: Is it bipartisan enough?
U.S. right to focus on Asia
The battle for the Pacific will reshape the world
Military fighting force strategy set, but what will it mean?

Big Bat USA:  4% of the force (the infantry) takes 80% of the casualties and receives 1% of the budget.  This FACT alone gives the lie to all of the above pontifications.  Both the US Government and the US media are inept and misrepresenting reality to the American people.  99% of the Pentagon budget is fraud, waste, and abuse–the policy is based on ideology rather than reality; acquisition is broken–we simply transfer money from the taxpayer to the corporations without thinking about it; and operations are mostly theater.  We do not have a strategy–we have a collection of criminally insane people posturing for the public and getting away with it.  For those who lived through the same thing in the 1970′s, remember the movie King of Hearts?  There are only two candidates that are both informed and honest on this matter:  Ron Paul and Robert Steele.

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