Gordon Duff: Honoring Chuck Hagel, Fed Up with Zionist Meddling in US Affairs

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Gordon Duff
Gordon Duff

Americans fed up with Israeli meddling in US domestic affairs

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

”Real or not, Netanyahu feels Israel has been abandoned by the US. Some Americans, I am certainly one of these, Hagel is one also as is Chairman of the JCOS, Martin Dempsey, see Israel as interfering in domestic affairs, American elections and an irresponsible “actor” in the Middle East.”

Senator Chuck Hagel (ret), a republican from Nebraska, is expected to be nominated by President Obama to the vital post of Secretary of Defense, taking the place of Leon Panetta.

Hagel is the only GOP senator to have stood up to the Israel/AIPAC lobby, the only senator to question sanctions against Iran and a rare and independent voice that is needed to bring Pentagon “adventurism” to an end.

However, Hagel is now under attack and stands accused of “anti-Semitism,” this time by infamous neocon Bill Kristol.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty (certain), and the suspected Israeli false flag attack on the USS Cole that the FBI was not allowed to investigate properly, are the tip of the iceberg.  44% of all Jews are in the USA, 41% in Israel.  The Jews are neither a race nor a nation, just a massive global Psychological Operation (PSYOP) that has run out of gas.  Contributing editor Chuck Spinney has commented often on Israeli Zionist venality — to include stealing Arab water through long diagonal water pipes — and on US idiocy to allow one non-nation to so screw up US policy in the Middle East.  We favor the cessation of ALL foreign and military assistance to the Middle East as well as the withdrawal of all US troops from most US bases (to be closed) once — not before — we have a 450 ship Navy, a long-haul Air Force, and an air liftable Army well into the acquisition cycle.  Whatever the Pentagon is dong with underground facilities the time has come to close down anything that cannot be accounted for and openly justified to the Senate Armed Services Committee and the House Armed Service Committee.  Chuck Hagel, if he is nominated, should be confirmed — and in partnership with Ambassador Susan Rice, Senator John Kerry as the Secretary of State, and the President of the United States, an Open Source Agency (OSA) under diplomatic auspices, funded by non-reimbursable transfer from DoD, should be established.  It will, if properly led, set the gold standard for intelligence with integrity, and it will, if allowed to be all it can be, show an attentive public how to cut the 50% of every Cabinet department that is special interest waste, while redirecting existing jobs and contracts toward legitimate public needs.  The truth at any cost lowers all other costs.

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