SchwartzReport: The Cycle of Evil — Monsanto, Banks, Bees, & Myths of Martyrdom

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schwartz reportThe idea of patenting life forms, I think, is morally repugnant and, as this case illustrates, naturally leads to grotesque outcomes like trying to control the world’s food supply. Think about it: this is a kind of mythic evil.

GMO and the Corporate Patenting of Living Organisms: Monsanto’s Patents on Life
KATHERINE PAUL and RONNIE CUMMINS – Organic Consumers Association

Because we have not had proper accountability for the financial crisis, the same ethical standards continue to obtain. One can see the result in the behavior of large banks in payday loans, as well as student loans. Both demonstrate that these banks have become essentially above-the-law criminal operations.

Major Banks Aid in Payday Loans Banned by States

The cycles and processes of nature are always interconnected and interdependent, and this is an excellent example of what I mean. Poisons are killing honey bees, affecting wild bees, and climate change is breaking down the stasis of our food ecology. Unless this is reversed the results will be devastating.

Wild Bees Are Good For Crops, But Crops Are Bad For Bees

The sense of persecution that is part of the DNA of Christianity begins here. I have to admit this story stunned me. Perhaps like you I had seen the early Christian period as a time of persecution and martyrdom. But I spent some time looking into this, and I think Professor Candida Moss&#3! 9; work is solid, and is destined to be the accepted view. We need to reconsider this period through a very different prism.

Were Early Christians Really Persecuted? Historian Reveals the Surprising Truth
LAURA MILLER, Senior Writer – Salon/AlterNet (U.S.)

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