Mini-Me: Boston Casualties Vanish Into Thin Air + Boston/Texas Meta-RECAP

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Who?  Mini-Me?
Who? Mini-Me?


Treating the Marathon Casualties: Inside One Boston Emergency Room

Ellen Harrell

TIME, 15 August 2013


Before long, they had set up a makeshift triage center in the lobby of the ER and began to treat the incoming — sewing up victims’ wounds and sending those with more-serious injuries through to be admitted. “We were prepared for waves of victims,” Feins told TIME, still wearing his scrubs outside his apartment near the hospital. “In the end, we worked on six people. Four had small lacerations, and we sewed them up.” Two other patients who had been in close proximity to the explosions complained of abdominal pain — a warning sign to Feins, who had been trained during his residency that explosive shock waves can cause internal trauma even if no shrapnel is present.


(PHOTOS: Marathon Carnage: Explosions in Boston)

Phi Beta Iota:  We count exactly four apparently wounded in these photos.  FOUR.


“In the end, we only saw a few minor injuries,” Feins says, “But I have a feeling that some patients were taken straight from the ambulances to the operating theater. I was told we had four, very busy operating theaters today.”

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Phi Beta Iota:  There has been no evidence — zero, zip, nada, rein — that all the claimed deaths, amputations, and injuries actually occurred.  Journalists questioned on this matter back up very quickly, become prickly, and then go silent.  Outside of the one now-famous double amputee vet who appears to be re-enacting for effect, there are ZERO pictures of people with severed limbs.  Thousands of hand-held camaras and not a single picture?  Professional photographers on hand and the best any one of them can do is a tiny number of people with no visible serious wounds?  Virtually no photographs of ambulances?  No one is doing their job.  All the checks and balances are broken.

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