Owl: Re Boston & Social Media The Washington Post is Sooooooo Ignorant and Unprofessional

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

Just finished reading the front page stories in today's Washington Post on Boston bombings. One of the stories mentions the role of crowd sourcing and social media, referring to what they call “vigilante detectives” who propound wildly “irresponsible” theories of what happened. I think it well represents what the Post thinks of web sites such as Phi Beta Iota. Especially interesting is they quote the mother of the Chechen alleged bombers regarding the FBI knowing about them for years. However, they say nothing, zero, zilch, not a word anywhere in the paper about her or father saying the FBI framed them. Very selective quoting.

Also, while the article rants about innumerable vigilante detectives with their cell phone cameras getting in the way of professional investigators, analyzing the photos for clues, they omit any mention whatsoever of vigilante detectives noticing the Craft operatives with their backpacks, and have many pictures to prove it. Whatever one thinks of the significance of those pictures, it is utterly irresponsible journalism to omit any attention to them. Very, very selective reporting, and clearly shows the most powerful propaganda works especially by omissions of facts, of avoiding notice or mention of what is right in front of one's eyes or ears..

Police, citizens and technology factor into Boston bombing probe

But for 102 hours last week, nothing seemed certain in the manhunt that paralyzed a major metropolis, captivated the nation and confronted counterterrorism operatives with the troubling and unforgiving world of social media and vigilante detective work.”

Phi Beta Iota:  Emphasis added above.  The Washington Post was among the major national newspapers that refused cash in advance for full-page ads against the Iraq War.  They are, simply put, dishonest.  There is no major metropolitan newspaper — including the Boston Globe — that is both committed to the public interest, and organized to produce public intelligence in the public interest.  In specific relation to the false flag operation in Boston, the Boston Globe should be on the FBI like stink on shit, putting all of this together in a war room with a live webcam, and serving as the hub for harnessing the distributed intelligence of every single person that wants to get to transparency, truth, and trust — that excludes the White House, DHS, the FBI, and the Boston Police Department.  It excludes the Mossad and the entire staff of Beth Israel Hospital in Boston.  It excludes all contractors such as those from Craft, who now realize they were played for fools.  Most of these people are patriots who mean well but they are both ethically and intellectually challenged.  They simply do not get the degree to which rogue elements of the US Government have destroyed the Constitution, destroyed the Republic, looted the Treasury, been a scourge on the rest of the world, and generally committed treason against all of us.  What is POSITIVE about this is that the tide has turned.  The nakedly amoral fools behind this went a bridge too far, and pushed false flag into the forefront as a broadly understood meme with a documented history.   Boston, New York, and Washingotn are three centers of great evil in the USA, including elite and Vatican-orchestrated pedophilia as well as financial crimes on a scale the Boston Mob can only dream about.  The USA does not have an honest counterintelligence service — the FBI has been castrated for decades and its director cannot be trusted by the public.  What is to be done?  We do not know.  The public will know.  The truth has a way of emerging, and history will almost certainly consider Boston a turning point in modern US political, socio-economic, ideo-cultural, and techno-demographic history.

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