Mini-Me: Jordanian King Manipulates Obama & Light-Weight National Security Team — French & British Lie on Chemical Weapons — Susan Rice Ignored

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Who?  Mini-Me?
Who? Mini-Me?


Behind Obama's About-Face on Syria

Jolted by Hezbollah's Entry Into Civil War and Chemical Weapons, Administration Chose to Arm Rebels

Adam Entous

Wall Street Journal, 14 June 2013


In one sobering moment in late April, Jordan's King Abdullah II presented President Barack Obama and aides with a bleak scenario for Syria—showing them a map of how the country could split into warring, sectarian fiefdoms, with a tract of desert dominated by al Qaeda and its allies, U.S. officials said.

. . . .

In meetings with officials from the White House and other departments, King Abdullah told policy makers that Syria would become similar to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan, or FATA, where al Qaeda has long been based.

“Syria is going to become the new FATA, the breeding ground from where they launch attacks,” the king said, according to a person in the meetings.

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Phi Beta Iota:  This is all BULLSHIT.  Tony Blinkin has no business trying to lure the President into yet another costly mistake.  Blinkin is a Hill staffer with zero real-world experience.  Syria has NOT used chemical weapons, and for Obama to believe for one minute that the rebels will be any improvement over what was once a Christian-ruled stable state fully satisfactory to Israel, is somewhere between insanely stupid and arrogantly insane.  We note with interest that Susan Rice is being ignored — we would not be at all surprised to find that she will not receive the coveted corner office that normally goes with the job of National Security Adviser.  Barack Obama is being lied to by everybody and he has absolutely no one reporting to him that can be relied upon to tell him the truth.  Have we learned nothing from breaking Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya?  Obama needs new help — this is worse than pathetic, and far worse than amateur hour — the lunatic servants are in charge at home….while others contemplate nuclear operations in Iran that will waste the Gulf states.  The lack of intelligence with integrity among all of these “players” is a crime against humanity.

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