SchwartzReport: Four Ways Human Health is Destroyed by Unethical Corporations and the Governments they Bribe

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Democracy by design is a zero sum game. Elections are revolutions without the guns. Part of the problem faced by social progressives is that all too many of us have a gut rejection of reality when it is negative. In my view you can’t fight a battle if you are unwilling to accurately assess the truth of the battlefield. Here is some truth.

Climate Disaster: Big Oil Is Winning the War for the Future
MICHAEL T. KLARE, Professor of Peace and World security Studies at Hampshire College – Salon

Yet another story are the corruption of our food system. I have begun to think of much of the food in the U.S. as a toxin to be avoided.

Five Messed-Up Things That Are in Your Food

1. Azodicarbonamide in Bread
2. Plastic Microbeads in Fish and Waterways
3. Brominated Vegetable Oil in Soft Drinks and Beverages
4. High Fructose Corn Syrup and Artificial Sweeteners in Soft Drinks
5. Transglutaminase Also Known as “Meat Glue”

Finally, it is becoming impossible to deny that the industrial chemicals that pollute every aspect of our lives are the source many illnesses. Everything shouts to us that we must make national wellness, from the individual to the planet our first priority. Whether we can hear these cries is not clear, at least to me.

Scientists Name 6 More Toxins Affecting Developing Brains

Where I live about half the women I know live on Gluten-free diets. Here is the back story. It is another tale of corners cut in the name of increased profit and decreased national wellness. Happily the story not only explains something, it provides a solution.

Could This Baker Solve the Gluten Mystery?
TOM PHILPOTT – Mother Jones

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