SchwartzReport: Feds Lie, Marijuana Good… Could Marijuana Plus 9/11 Plus Unemployment Plus Wanton Wars Lead to Electoral Reform?

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

I think this essay is stating the truth. I have read stuff coming out from the government on the subject of marijuana so flagrantly wrong that it has to be deliberate. Nobody speaking truthfully about the present state of research could possible make those statements.

The Feds Are Incapable of Telling Truth About Pot

In her latest blog post [3], US National Institute on Drug Abuse director Nora Volkow claims that ‘science should guide marijuana policy.” But if the nation’s top anti-drug doc truly believes that facts, not ideological rhetoric, ought to shape America’s drug policies, why does she feel the need to keep distorting the truth about pot?

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Phi Beta Iota: When speaking on camera for the Hollywood documentary, American Drug War: The Last White Hope, Robert Steele stated that marijuana is at the seam between good and bad government — the poster child for the question “who is in charge.” Two major government lies are increasingly obvious to the larger public — the first is marijuana and the second, thanks to Richard Gage and the heroic efforts of Architects and Engineers for Truth, is 9/11. Add to this government lies about unemployment (actually 22% not 7%), government lies about wanton wars that have produced over 75,000 amputees in recent history for the USA, as well as 22 veteran suicides a day, and you have a MASSIVE case of “cognitive dissonance.” A general strike, a tax revolt, and a public demand for Electoral Reform are all logical non-violent possibilities. The prospects for revolution in the USA grow each day, in part because because the core for stability — the white middle class — has now been totally screwed, totally disenfranchised, and is out of hope. This is a good thing.

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