William Blum: Greek Tragedy, US Hypocrisy

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William Blum
William Blum

The Greek Tragedy: Some things not to forget, which the new Greek leaders have not.

American historian D.F. Fleming, writing of the post-World War II period in his eminent history of the Cold War, stated that “Greece was the first of the liberated states to be openly and forcibly compelled to accept the political system of the occupying Great Power. It was Churchill who acted first and Stalin who followed his example, in Bulgaria and then in Rumania, though with less bloodshed.”

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Another charming chapter in US-Greek relations occurred in 2001, when Goldman Sachs, the Wall Street Goliath Lowlife, secretly helped Greece keep billions of dollars of debt off their balance sheet through the use of complex financial instruments like credit default swaps. This allowed Greece to meet the baseline requirements to enter the Eurozone in the first place. But it also helped create a debt bubble that would later explode and bring about the current economic crisis that’s drowning the entire continent. Goldman Sachs, however, using its insider knowledge of its Greek client, protected itself from this debt bubble by betting against Greek bonds, expecting that they would eventually fail.

Will the United States, Germany, the rest of the European Union, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund – collectively constituting the International Mafia – allow the new Greek leaders of the Syriza party to dictate the conditions of Greece’s rescue and salvation? The answer at the moment is a decided “No”. The fact that Syriza leaders, for some time, have made no secret of their affinity for Russia is reason enough to seal their fate. They should have known how the Cold War works.

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Phi Beta Iota: Idiocy on steroids seems to be the order of the day among the mandarins in both Europe and the USA. They are so intent on maintaining their flawed and deeply corrupt paradigms that they are not seeing the true cost of their ignorance. The Syrian refugees passing through Greece to Germany are the tip of the iceberg. The West is cutting its own throat as it persists in not just hypocritical but pathological anti-public measures that are not sustainable. Meanwhile, the BRICs are developing viable international monetary fund and development bank alternatives, and a new Cold War looms, between the neo-fascist criminals of the present and the neo-communist pragmatists of the future.

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