Owl: Podesta, Pedophilia, Steganography, Secret Files — Is Hillary Clinton One Step Closer to Prison for Pedophilia, Fraud, and Treason?

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Citizen Analysts Uncover Steganography Used in Hiding Images and Passwords that May Lead to Accessing More Pizzagate Pedo Imagery

The “Pizzgate” news regarding WikiLeaks releases of Podesta’s emails and a Washington D.C. pizza restaurant possibly at the center of child sexual trafficking activities conducted on behalf of powerful politicians is becoming more explosive and bizarre every week:

I reported weeks ago about this “pedo ring” something called “photo steganography,” which is just the fancy term for the two points I explained just now. The image (.jpg) of the two girls eating pizza was discovered as an attachment in the Podesta emails by WikiLeaks. Data can be hidden in a .jpg file. In that image, a zipped directory (PK) was hidden inside. That doesn’t happen by accident. The directory likely contains illegal imagery and/or discussion. It is highly suggestive of illegal activity connected to child pornography, child exploitation, and child abuse.

Some have objected that the pizza.jpg file size is simply too small to contain any useful data (like an image, a link, a message, etc.), but the point is this: all the file would have to “smuggle” is a short password to open a secret website or .zip file. The hidden data could literally just be a few bits of information but it could open up thousands of gigabytes of data in the right website or compressed file. That shows the users would access the dirty pictures, videos, messages, etc. So, from a technical angle, this method is very possible, and it makes sense of why the Podesta emails include so many strange photo attachments. Are all those attachments little “Trojan ponies” for sharing images, videos, passwords, payment resources, etc.?”

Read full post with images and link diagrams.

The Clinton Child Sex Trafficking Network: A Comprehensive Guide

Phi Beta Iota: We have no direct knowledge and allow our contributing editors great latitude in pointing to trending topics such as PizzaGate. The story is getting “circular” and there is still no proper link analysis but the visuals, the leaked emails, and back-up links appear compelling. Elite impunity with respect to pedophilia, and the failure of the FBI to do its job, are of interest to us. Individuals who are accused — perhaps falsely so — have the option of filing libel lawsuits against the original authors whose work we are pointing to. Democratic operatives are claiming this is a deliberate covert operation launched by the extreme right to destroy what is left of the Clinton-Podeta circle. As countervailing information emerges, we will post that as well. Below is a NYT (hardly the most reputable source these days) riposte on PizzaGate [UPDATE: the NYT story has been torn apart in writing and on video.]

Fact Check: This Pizzeria Is Not a Child-Trafficking Site

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