Robert Steele: Donald Trump’s Bunker Hill Ronald Reagan Air Traffic Control Moment – Confronting CIA & The Deep State on Russians Hacking the Election (They Did Not) UPDATE 11

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

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Donald Trump's Bunker Hill Moment

As Donald Trump prepares to hear what I am certain will be carefully constructed lies from US intelligence leaders (both lies of fabrication and lies of omission — for example, not mentioning Israeli information operations in support of Hillary Clinton and the related illegal search manipulations and censorship of Facebook and Google), I want to point out that this is Donald Trump's Bunker Hill moment.

The US secret intelligence community, starting with CIA, has always been a Wall Street construct used to facilitate Deep State control of the US Government — and Deep State access to the public treasury.

Although I testified to the Moynihan Commission on how secrecy and the “sources and methods” wall of silence are together used for domestic political effect — they are irrelevant operationally because all our peer competitors know our sources and methods quite well — no one has ever before been willing to consider — as Donald Trump is now considering — the very real possibility that the US secret intelligence world is in the business of lying to the President and spying on Congress — everything else is a side show.

This is Donald Trump's Bunker Hill moment.

This is Donald Trump's Ronald Reagan Air Traffic Control moment.

This is where he can draw the line on Empire and begin to close down the control of the US Government by a criminal cabal that includes Wall Street, the Vatican, organized crime families, and foreign powers, notably Israel and Saudi Arabia. There are only nine million Jews in the US voting public — Israel's influence here is rooted in bribery and blackmail, not the genuine political interest of nine million loyal American Jews. Saudi Arabia contents itself with bribery on a scale most cannot imagine — hundreds of millions.

I am absolutely certain that the Russians did not “hack” the US election and I am absolutely certain that this started as a campaign theme with Hillary Clinton (with the unanticipated effect of shutting down her ability to do electronic vote tampering against Trump such as she used to steal thirteen primaries from Bernie Sanders); it morphed into a desperate last minute attempt to manipulate the Electoral College (a form of jury tampering and perjury, bearing false witness), and now the US IC leaders are doubling down on their lies just as they have previously doubled down on their lies about torture, the value of covert action including regime change and media manipulation, and the value of a drone assassination program that kills 98 innocents for every two military-aged males whose names are not known, that die by very expensive drone missile.

The public has woken up to the fact that Crap News Network, Fox, and the mainstream media including especially the NYT and Washington Post, are the primary purveyors of “fake news.” Noam Chomski and Jon Rappoport and I and others have been saying this for a long time — America is rife with information pathologies including fog facts, forbidden knowledge, lost history, missing information, and weapons of mass deception as well as weapons of mass instruction.

The public has yet to wake up to the other three big facts of life, but all three are part of why the IC leaders and the Deep State are so terrified of an unshackled Donald Trump:

01 The so called intelligence world lacks intelligence and integrity. There is nothing there but expense and lies. We need a Trump Channel backed up by an Open Source Agency.

02 The two-party tyranny — the “Establishment” that opposed Trump — is nothing more than a theatrical agency — pimps for the Deep State. If Trump fails to introduce and force through the Electoral Reform Act of 2017, he will be controlled by the 30% instead of empowered by the 70%. Our legislative and legal systems are so deeply corrupt they can only be fixed if Trump mobilizes the 73% who did not vote for him, and works directly with the public.

03 Pedophilia is part of the glue that binds the elite and their most senior servants within the Establishment. Pedophilia is the ultimate taboo. When PedoGate breaks open, Trump will either be triumphant for having opposed the Establishment, or will go down for having been complicit once in power.

Julian Assange has promised us a 2017 that will out-do 2016. I believe him. I believe the Rothchild family, JP Morgan and Citi-Bank, the Koch Brothers, and the Republican National Committee (RNC) as well as Scott Walker and Reince Priebus by name, to be on the high value target list for penetration and exposure.

Today, right now, Donald Trump is already being controlled and filtered. Reince Priebus and Mike Flynn specifically are withholding from Donald Trump critical information that would help him flourish in this Bunker Hill moment. The “capture” and neutralization of Donald Trump is well under way — Republicans close to him, not Democrats at arms length, are in deepest betrayal of his potential.

This week will define the Trump Administration. If he allows the US secret intelligence “leaders” to get away with the Deep State program to justify a new World War III level of funding for a war against Russia, at a time when we are our own worst enemies, then Donald Trump will become Barack Obama in white face — another puppet, another actor, who failed to be the greatest president in modern history, a president who could — with integrity — not just make America great again, but create a prosperous world at peace in which the 99% all want to stay home rather than invade Europe, Australia, and the USA.

PS:There are three ways to dig deeper into the US IC construct to be presented Friday without evidence (they will only have papers and perhaps recordings, all of which should be assumed to be manfactured).

01 Demand by Monday a copy of every SIPR email, and a chronologicial telephone log, of every conversation they have had with one another and every subordinate, on this matter. Bring in the US Army's retired top gun, Colonel Stu Herrington, to individually interview every person across the IC that has touched the alleged evidence of Russian hacking. He will have the truth for you within 30 days provided every person who fails to cooperate is immediately stripped of their clearances and rendered unemployable.

02 Call in William Binney and a handful of those mentioned in Update 17 to help go over their evidence and create follow-up questions and challenges. Then, if called for as part of preventing WWIII, use executive privilege to turn the entire package over to the Russians for a public counter-response, while also directing the IC to prepare a similar package on how the Israeli's sought to hack the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. You have an army of truth-tellers to draw on — use that army!

03 Challenge each of the IC leaders to take a polygraph examination on their veracity in relation to the Russians “hacking” the US election. The examination will allow for probing about who's who and what's what in this treasonous plot to start WWIII as a new profit center that “swamps” Donald Trump. They will refuse. If so, tell them their clearances will be rescinded and they will be unemployed for the next eight years while they are also investigated for  treason and if convicted, will lose their pensions.


This is our Bunker Hill moment.

Robert Steele is a former CIA spy who has under orders faked intelligence, lied to government leaders, and managed a modest false flag operation (nobody died). He left CIA to create the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity and lead the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) movement. Today he is the foremost proponent for Peace Intelligence, manifested in Applied Collective Intelligence integrating holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE).

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UPDATE 11: Based on direct personal experience.

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UPDATE 8: Hats off to Sean Hannity for a superb timely interview with Julian Assange. The public should listen to the entire interview and then join Donald Trump in shouting from the rooftops: “IC, You're Fired!”

YouTube (40:12): Julian Assange with Sean Hannity — Russians Did Not Hack the US Election

UPDATE 7 (Running Commentary on Senate Hearing): DNI Jim Clapper is actively deceiving Congress but the Senators may be rigging this hearing as theater — they know the truth and don't want the truth on national television. Clapper is focusing his testimony on sharing, not on creating new capabilities. The fusion centers are known to not be working and to not be providing useful information to state and local. I wrote the original alarm letter to the White House in 1994, and nothing was done — worse, NSA went on to gut existing communications and computing security with the active complicity of CEOS from AT&T, Dell, IBM, Google, HP, and Microsoft, among others.

In 2012 Mark Bowden documented the deep incapacity and ignorance of the US Government — from NSA to CIA to all other government agencies, the knowledge is simply not there. The Senators and the witnesses are all avoiding the basic truth: the US cyber environment is Swiss cheese — it cannot be defended.

[Side note: Richard Blumenthal is posturing — he has no clue — demeaning and dismissive comments about our lying shallow incapable intelligence community are exactly what we need — Blumenthal is part of the problem — he is fronting for a Zionist neo-conservative mafia that is trying to de-legitimize and intimidate Donald Trump.]

We need a Manhattan Project to create a completely new commercially-based C4I system rooted in blockchain technology that neither NSA nor the Israelis, Chinese, or Russians can “hack.”

Clapper is talking crap  again — talking about process and IC as a learning organization — absolute baloney. We suck at cyber, we suck at learning, and we suck as providing useful decision-support — as has said General Tony Zinni, he got “at best” 4% of what he needed from secret sources and methods.

Bottom line: everyone now in the room — particularly Blumenthal and Clapper — are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Brave? From an air-conditioned cubicle at Langley or in Maryland? Better policies? How about people that actually know something. Blumenthal should be laughed out of the room.

Senator Tom Cotton is SHINING. He is skewering Clapper with his strong statement on what did NOT happen (vote tampering) and on what Trump is proposing to do (strengthen US defense in relation to Russia). Hats off to Senator Cotton.

I am very offended by Senator Martin Heinrich, who is totally hypocritical.  His outrage over anyone subverting our democracy neglects to point out that it is NSA and CIA spying on all Members of Congress, Israel bribing most Members of Congress; and the two-party tyrannny blocking 70% of all eligible voters from meaningful participation in our election.

We need a Trump Channel — the insights that I and thousands of others loyal throughful patriots have to offer are never going to be aired by the fake news media that is under the control of Wall Street, CIA, Zionists, and others.

This hearing is a “hit job” on Donald Trump. If he has an enemies lists, and I hope he does, he can start here. Every Senator starting with Blumenthal and Martin Heinrich, should be targeted for defeat in their next election, but not defeat by a Republican, but rather an Independent.  We need an Electoral Reform Act if Donald Trump is clean up the Congress and repurpose it to mind the people's business.

Senator Ernst is on to something — how long has this been going on? The Admiral Rogers just mis-led her.  A decade? Not even close. Winn Schaurtau briefed Congress on the electronic pearl harbor in 1990. The US Air War College wrote the original papers on vulnerability in 1993-1994. I wrote the warning letter to the White House in 1994. What the public needs to know is that all of this is theater overlain with lies. No one in this room actually wants to fix anything or serve the public, they are all focused on their next election, their next fund-raising event, their next post-retirement job.

Senator Joe Donnelly (these are all generally Democratic Senators posturing and asking questions they know are fake) is full of crap. He is probably not stupid, so he has to be considered totally dishonest. Lost their lives? Compared to all the people CIA has assassinated by drone or tortured or enabled to be killed by training ISIS for Barack Obama? If this were the Nuremberg trials, all of these Democratic Senators, and all of these intelligence chiefs, would be in the dock as complicit from crimes against humanity and betrayal of the US public trust. I note with interest that none of these Senators is willing to discuss the deep and broad success by Israel in penetrating NSA, DHS, and all major law enforcement communications and computing systems across the USA.

One point to Admiral Rogers: he just admitted there is a “whole host of actors” intruding across all US systems, the Russians have simply been the “poster child.” Absolute correct. This entire matter is both a lie (the Russians snooped systems, they did not hack the election) and a political event — a soft coup against the President-Elect.

Clapper refuses to be honest about the fact that we are our own worst enemy. This problem would not exist had the US Government been responsible about cyber from 1994 when the matter was formally raised with the White House.

Marcel Lettre (Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, an acquisition lawyer without a clue — the worst appointment in the history of the position) is a true idiot. He has absolutely no idea what is going on and clearly wishes he were on another planet (news flash: he already is).

Senator Sullivan doing some good pointing out the absurd difference between our non-reaction to the Chinese hack of OMB and Clapper admits that other countries have not retaliated against us. Clapper: “people in glass houses need to think about throwing rocks.” Clappers true feelings about John Brennan's lies now coming out — the lies about the Russians, combined with the grotesque expulsion of 35 Russian intelligence officers — are totally outside the norm.

Senator King fails to ask the key question: who drafted the October press release (answer: the White House). He says people are skeptical in Maine.

Clapper dissembles about people's lives at risk if we provide “completely persuasive” proof. I regard this as an honest point that is rooted in John Brennan and the Soviet Division at CIA's Clandestine Service lying to Clapper about having a deep human source that has not been doubled by the Russians (no such thing). All of the evidence that will be presented to Trump hinges on “you have to believe me.” Wrong.

Senator King speaks of election tampering in Baltic states by the Russians. Not a word about CIA election tampering and regime change all over the world.

Senator McCain finally speaker — as Chairman of the SASC he is the big dog in the room. He's on a roll with his new counter-propaganda initiative. No discussion of need for us to get a grip on the truth first, but some potential here — Trump should offer McCain total support for a new

Clapper dissembling.  Senator Graham asks if there is a difference between espionage and interfering in an election. Clapper says yes which is not true. News Flash: Covert Action — what CIA does — is all about interfering in elections.

Senator Gillibrand goes into Guard and Reserve cyber. This is a perfect illustration of a Senator who knows nothing asking about a Guard and Reserve cyber capability that does not exist. She is delusional in thinking that the best of the best from private cyber are in the low-pay Guard and Reserve billets. I have direct personal knowledge of all these people, they tend to be under-brained and over-weight and just go through the motions. For Gillibrand this is about money for NY.

Senator Thom Tillis is a ROCK STAR. This is the only guy in the room who actually knows what he is talking about.  BRAVO ZULU!  What he is missing is that no number of bright people, at any wage scale, will be successful as long as we continue to allow NSA to cut US C4I for their own convenience, and we refuse to actually create a blockchain based deeply secure system.

Senator Mazi Hirono plays the morale card which is dishonest. Incompetent badly-led people do not have a right to have “morale.” They EARN respect by being competent and ably-led. Neither condition applies today. Donald Trump has every right to cut the secret intelligence world by two thirds while doubling the salary of those who make the cut to remain. This is about COMPETENCE and VERACITY. James Clapper, Jim Brennan, and Mike Rogers are lacking in both. They know how to lie to leaders and they know how to spend money. They do not know how to create decision-support on all threats, all policies, all demographics, in the public interest.  That's four strikes, not three.

Poor Marcel Lettre. A kid playing dress-up. Everyone in the room knows he is ignorant and they ignore him the way you ignore a homeless person who wanders into a black tie dinner.

Senator Ted Cruz gets his time. Good questions — what are the greatest threats and what specifically should we be doing about it? Rogers answers: economic advantage attacks; and data manipulation — where we cannot believe the data we are looking at.  Non-state actors who don't care about risk. We have to get better on the defensive side.

Senator Tim Kaine is blowing hard —  quite amazing how the Democrats have become the war-mongering party — a list of Senator Kaine's undeclared as well as declared campaign contributors will enlighten. An Electoral Reform Act is needed – Senator Kaine is not a bad person, he is simply a bought person. An Electoral Reform Act will reconnect Congress to its constituents.

Clapper just admitted Trump is not going to get evidence — Trump is going to get a DESCRIPTION of the “full range” of activities that a typical state antagonist would use. Trump should ask — when this is done — if they are drawing on Israel's activities as part of their notional construct.

Kaine just did a pedophilia defense. His attack on Mike Flynn is not only unjustified, it raises the question: is Senator Kaine part of the Democratic pedophilia network that includes Hillary Clinton and John Podesta? Note: the Republicans have a bigger pedophilia problem — the 2017 leaks are probably going to destroy the Republican Party and broaden PedoGate.

Pedophilia revelation that destroy Wall Street, the two-party tyranny, and the Mossad-Vatican pedophilia enablers — and an Electoral Reform Act — and Donald Trump standing up to an incompetent and mendacious secret intelligence community — will be the democracy tri-fecta in 2017.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen asks about a national capability and strategy, Clapper dissembles on why we do not have (this is the guy who refused to create an Open Source Agency in 2007 and allowed CIA to forbid all defense intelligence elements from doing overt HUMINT/OSINT — he allowed CIA to kill OSINT at the same time that he tolerated, for 25 years, NSA mis-behavior across the board). Admiral Rogers provides a good answer: we keep trying to do the same things we have always done.

Senator McCain offers Clapper a chance to close. Clapper ends with a bang: there is a difference between oversight and micro-management. This is also dissembling — the SSCI has been an enabler and cheer-leader for IC misbehavior, and it is also impotent (the SASC controls everything).

UPDATE 6: Yes, I welcome invitations to speak, in person or via skype.  Send me an email. Jon Rappoport and others have started to publish material directly related to supporting Donald Trump in his  fight.  See UPDATE 17 on the original post for a list with links of all the professionals who say CIA is lying and Donald Trump is right.

Donald Trump to US IC: “You’re Fired!”

Philip Giraldi: America or Israel? Which Comes First?

Jon Rapport: Ten Forms of Fake News (or Fake Intelligence)

Ron Unz: CIA as American Pravda – the Use of “Conspiracy Theory” to Marginalize the Truth

UPDATE 5: The face-off between the CIA (reluctantly supported by the rest of the intelligence agencies, most of which know absolutely nothing relevant to the matter) and Donald Trump is vastly greater than — but somewhat similar to — the face-off between Ronald Reagan and the air traffic control union. This is a defining moment in American history when the forces of evil rooted in lies and favoring special interests and the forces of good rooted in common senses, the truth, and a commitment to the public interest, are in the ring. Donald Trump has a God-given opportunity to destroy BOTH the secret intelligence cabal AND the media cabal. They manufactured an issue — “Russia hacked the election” that would in the past have been timidly accepted by everyone afraid to confront the secret Wizard of Oz. Donald Trump goes into this fight with two huge advantages: he has many more sources of information at his disposal than either the secret world or the media world; and he is the President-Elect with the power of the purse and executive order. NSA, for example, has no legislative charter. Trump can close NSA down tomorrow without Congressional permission being needed. The incoming Director of OMB has the right mind-set but lacks the deep bench on intelligence and defense budgets and capabilities — OMB is a budget share adjudication agency, not a management agency. Trump will win this fight —  the hard part will be managing the elimination of the 50% or more of the secret world and of defense that is outright waste, while rapidly building up unconventional capabilities that the secret mandarins have refused to take seriously: counterintelligence, non-official cover, and open source intelligence, for example.

UPDATE 4: The Huffington Post says “Americans want Trump to keep sanctions against Russia.” This is not true. Americans tend to want whatever the fake news media and the official (often warmongering) narrative want them to want. The media and the secret intelligence community conspired to cover up the fact that 9/11 was an inside job, and that we went from Bin Laden did it to Saddam Hussein did it overnight, as the fake news media played out falsified non-existent “evidence” provided by George Tenet, then Director of Central Intelligence, and Dick Cheney led the telling of 935 now-documented lies.

We need to fix the rigged system with an Electoral Reform Act to free Members from Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Wall Street money and to mobilize the 47% who did not vote while giving hope to the 26% fooled into voting for Hillary Clinton. We need a Trump Channel and an Open Source Agency to rapidly educate our citizens on reality, not the fake reality that the war-mongering bankers and neo-Nazi neo-conservatives (the latter funded handsomely by Zionists) promote. An Open Source Agency will provide 95% of the decision support needed by the President, the Cabinet, and the Congressional oversight jurisdictions. The time has come to rid ourselves of this cancer called a secret “intelligence” community. There is neither intelligence nor integrity to be found there.

UPDATE 3: Guccifer is is a Romanian taxi driver jailed by Romania. Every allegation of Russian state involvement is speculative and unproven (as well as unprovable). Evidence will be fabricated.

UPDATE 2: Donald Trump does not “stand alone” as NPR lies in today's coverage. There are hundreds of intelligence professionals, diplomats, investigative reporters, and others who know that CIA is lying, that there is no evidence, and that NSA and Israel are vastly more culpable for influence operations than anyone else.

UPDATE 1: The media lies when it says “all 17 agencies agree.” This is a CIA fabrication that DNI and DHS and FBI are reluctantly supporting. There is NO EVIDENCE.

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