Sarah Holmes & Robert Steele: Update on Timothy Holmseth

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Robert Steele's Comment and Letter Below the Fold

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Below is my posted comment to the above video, followed by an image from the Palatka Daily and my letter to the editor of that publication.

Mr. Tim Holmseth is a registered witness per a protective order from the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse under Presiding Judge Sir John Walsh of Brannaugh. The death threats against Mr. Holmseth are being taken very seriously. Polk County law enforcement is now fully briefed — they wlll not be fooled again, and any further attempts against Mr. Holmseth — both procedural and violent — will be elevated immediately to the federal level. If it is not obvious to these criminals, their former CIA and FBI cohorts are now under sealed indictments and will be of no use to them. The White Hats helped our President harvest the NSA database and we have it all. It's time for these criminals to think about exit strategies — emigration to Israel is certainly one option. I continue to strongly favor a Truth & Reconciliation strategy — our focus is educational, not punitive.

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Letter to the Editor

I am very pleased to see that Florida is cracking down on bad judges. There are many more to be removed — some of them murderous pedophiles and many of them actively protecting people who are in the business of buying, selling, raping, torturing, and murdering children.

Mr. Timothy Holmsworth, the individual against whom the Judge signed a restraining order on the basis of false testimony, is a registered witness for the international Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. Because of the depth of depravity in Broward County across judicial, political, and commercial positions, we are considering a hearing in the USA on the material that he has posted online ( The restraining order against him in Minnesota has been vacated; I would be delighted if state authorities moved to vacate the current restraining order against him in their state, and proceeded to investigate those seeking to defame and incarcerate Mr. Holmsworth, both for perjury against Mr. Holmsworth and for their alleged crimes against humanity in collaboration with rogue elements of the federal government.

As Chief Counsel and US Envoy for the Commission, an international treaty-mandated endeavor that is investigative and educational in nature rather than punitive — we have no authority to arrest or bring individuals to justice, only to ensure that the truth that is often avoided by corrupt local judges be brought to light — I have recommended to our Presiding Judge, Sir John Walsh of Brannaugh, that we hold a public hearing to air the findings of Mr. Holmseth. In my view, as a former spy recently recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize, and as a top non-fiction reviewer reading in 98 categories, I believe that Broward County — and Debbie Wasserman Schultz's district — are going to be proven to be much much worse that the Franklin Scandal in Nebraska and the Catholic Church's misbehavior in Boston (Spotlight).

Our Commission is committed to Truth & Reconciliation. We do not seek vindictive judgments, that is for the good people of Florida and their honest officials to pursue.

Robert David Steele


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