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Critical for you to note about the collapse of this American newspaper industry, too, is that this isn’t just a shift in medium, it’s also a shift in sociopolitics, and a radical one—because where newspaper jobs were once spread nationwide, internet jobs are not—with today, 73% of all internet publishing jobs being concentrated in either the Boston-New York-Washington-Richmond Corridor or the West Coast Crescent that runs from Seattle to San Diego and on to Phoenix—with the Chicagoland Area, a traditional media center, capturing 5% of the jobs—thus leaving a paltry 22% going to the rest of the United States where the vast majority of people live.

What this has created, as you are no doubt aware, is what is being called a leftist Democratic Party controlled “media bubble”—that is concentrated heavily along the coasts of America, and is growing more extreme by the day!

With Facebook and Google having become the most powerful “media bubble” giants our world has ever seen—and whose exposure as being the criminal organizations they are now sees them today being hit with over $8.8 billion in lawsuits in Europe—you should know that Facebook has announced its intention to completely eliminate all conservative news and information by the 2018 US Midterm election daywith Facebook’s Instagram service even going so far as to ban President Trump’s son Donald Jr.’s name from ever being seen again because they say his name “encourages harmful behavior—and that no one should have any illusions about their changing, most particularly with Hillary Clinton now declaring that she wants to be Facebook’s new CEO.

Phi Beta Iota: This particular rant from Sorcha Faal, gifted fabricator who weaves real links with a narrative that is often 50% wrong (for example, any Chinese show of force on the northern border of North Korea is about ensuring the is no coup against Kim while he travels to meet Trump; and no Russia is not out of the equation) is most valuable for its discussion of the media bubble. We anticipate the demise of #GoogleGestapo by 2024 starting this year and integrated substitutes emerge rooted in BitTorrent first, then open source, then crypto. The 1%, their Zionist underbelly, and the fraudulent left (it represents power, not people) are all on the run.

The Trump Doctrine, still is gestation, is interesting mostly because of the first portion: “accurately assigned ownership.” This essentially buys into the works of Judge Anna von Reitz, and recognizes that the PUBLIC owns America, not the banks, and the way Donald Trump becomes the greatest president ever is by taking back all the looted land, buildings, equipment, and securities on behalf of We the People.


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