Scott Bennett: America’s Political Twilight Zone — Desperate False Flags — Author Fears Assassination of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez UPDATE 1: Nancy Pelosi Hates Her…Risk Remains

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Scott Bennett
Former U.S. Army PSYOP Officer-State Counterterrorism Contractor

The recent alleged incidents of the Khashoggi murder, the migrant-refugee invading “caravan” from Central America, the pipe-bomb mailings to leftist-democrat figures, and the Jewish synagogue shooting must be viewed as parts of a larger whole to discern both the direction and momentum behind each, and the best response we as American, constitutionalist patriots can perform as our duty as citizens.

Simply put, I view these incidents through a multi-dimensional lens, combining the tints of military psychological warfare and terrorist finance, State Department counterterrorism, political communication, and religious training.

This means militarily, there seems to be a coordinated execution and timing behind the origination and movement and impact of these events, which suggests a conspiratorial element, which automatically should alert our suspicion and defenses.

It means from a psychological warfare—or information operation—perspective, I sense an Orwellian “1984” subliminalism. In other words I perceive that implicit in these events and activities, are insidiously positioned subliminal strains of anti-white, anti-conservative, anti-republican, anti-Trump, anti-Christian morality, which are being professionally camouflaged within artificial reflections of conservative, republican, pro-Trump, Christian moral obligations, in order to reverse or invert our judgement—so essentially we see lies as truth, truth as offensive, evil good and good as evil.

It means from a counterterrorism perspective, terrorism as a threat to the United States of America is being both established as the “primary language” for expressing these events, and redefined to justify associated socio-political-economic actions that adapt to this new re-orientation of these reflections of conservative, republican, pro-Trump, Christian moral obligations.

It means from a political communication perspective, these redefined and reoriented terms are effectively rebranded to consequently reverse or invert our judgement, to in turn influence our feelings and direct our behavior—which is, of course, the goal of psychological warfare.

It means from a religious perspective, I perceive this rebranding, reorientation, and redirection of our feelings and behavior is being religiously framed in order to constrain and shame any impulses or intuitions which might challenge or question or probe the moral and spiritual intent or justification of these actions.

Finally, by combining these perspectives simultaneously, I define our current situation in America as follows:

The United States population is receiving messages—subliminal and overt—that are attempting to demoralize, retard, and drive backwards the socio-political momentum of the Trump administration’s political base and policies advancing an aggressive pro-American independence ideology and nationalistic liberation from globalist interdependence by attempting to traumatize the American mind with violent images and feelings of bigotry, racism, fascism, sexism, and other forms of anti-human discrimination; and attempt to manipulate the American populace into believing the only redemption and means of escaping this negative branding is through submitting to its anti-thesis, or opposite political philosophy, which is being falsely represented as the Democrat party.

This is being done by left-wing media, politicians, and corporate interests attempting to define the Trump administration and political supporters as inhuman violent bigots intent on harming women and children allegedly escaping persecution and fleeing for their lives by coming to America; as white nationalists murdering Jews in shootings and protecting the 2nd Amendment for that purpose; as media hating pipe-bombers obsessed killing political opponents; as political allies of Saudi dictators torturing journalists in exchange for weapons deals.

Of course, these messages or zealously emotional and empty of historical and legal fact, for the most part. This is resulting in a “backfire effect” which is driving most reasonable people to view the Democrat party as increasingly desperate and using desperate means to influence the political inclinations of the citizenry. How does it end? What is the final act in this drama of political communication? I predict, it may very well be the assassination of a Hispanic female Democrat candidate—perhaps NY candidate Cortez—in a last ditch effort to demoralize conservatives by defining them as responsible, and triggering a violent political upheaval among leftists to overthrow the election results, since they most likely will conclude with Republican victory. The rest will be history.


The only way to understand the information warfare operations being conducted against average Americans today is through a lens which combines a military, diplomatic, informational, and religious filter, for these are the very same filters used against Americans to create the artificial a single-color background which Americans are being pushed into accepting as their reality—when in fact it is not. It is rather a collection of individual colors spliced together creating an illusion, which must be deconstructed and separated in order to distinguish truth from propaganda, and the integrity of each preserved from perversion or manipulation.

Simply put, the “rose-colored glasses” must be removed by our own hand, but we must first see the other hands forcefully keeping them on us in order to manipulate our perceptions for their own benefit. These “other” hands include

1) the corporate-military-industrial complex;

2) the puppet-prostitute politicians and media selling their bodies and performing oral pleasure for the money-power-influence priests (bankers); and babbling schizophrenics drunk on the sound of their own voice and in love with their own reflection, also known as the academics-professors.

Their ultimate goal, whether they themselves know it, is to create a reality colored by the tints of atheistic-hedonism and moral sensory deprivation. However what they, leftist-liberals-democrat sexual atheists perceive as a reality colored by some rose-pink tint of absolute eternal freedom is in reality black silence and dark madness to God-pleasing, morally aware, conservative Christian republican-libertarian types.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I take Scott Bennett seriously. He is one of the 26 authors who prepared tailored memoranda for the President as delivered to the White House on 8 August 2018 with respect to 9/11. I ran a false flag for the CIA.  I have published my analysis of false flag events,  in one instance sending my list of 70 anomalies associated with the Orlando false flag to then Director James Comey.

Not only do I agree with Scott Bennett's over-all articulation of the situation, but I explicitly share his concern about the possibility that a Deep State Zionist or Democratic operative might assassinate the most compelling candidate the Democratic party has today — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Assassinating her (using a programmed patsy emblematic of the “white supremacist rascists” that the Deep State and the Democrats falsely claim is the foundation for our President's being elected) is the absolute “last act” in a desperately failing show where Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are the true face of the now dead Democratic Party. It merits comment that the Democratic Party fears Ocasio-Cortez — they would be glad to use her death to advantage while getting rid of her new ideas.

On 30 October 2018 the New York Post published a story that means that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is virtually unopposed. The GOP candidate has been found to have a history of domestic violence not disclosed to the GOP when they endorsed him, and owes his wife one million dollars. The GOP has withdrawn its support and therefore Ortiz's victory is virtually certain.

GOP ditches Ocasio-Cortez’s opponent after domestic violence claims surface

Although the above development would normally take her off the table as an assassination target — she is a “sure thing” now — Joe Crowley, a very conventional Democrat and a favorite of Nancy Pelosi, is still on the ballot as the candidate of the Working Families and Women's Equality Parties.

Crowley tells whoever is distributing anti-Ocasio-Cortez fliers to ‘knock it off'

If Ocasio-Cortez is assassinated and still wins (as Paul Wellstone did after he was killed prior to election day), the Governor can appoint someone to fill her seat — Joe Crowley is right there.  And if she is assassinated and Joe Crowley wins on name recognition, the Democratic Party has a two-fer: frame the “extremist” white males for the murder they commissioned, and be done with the much too radical Ocasio-Cortez, reinstating Joe Crowley.

In my report to the FBI and four NYPD precincts covering her district, I pointed out that Nancy Pelosi loathes Ocasio-Cortex and loves Joe Crowley — Hillary Clinton, with her murderous network of thugs easily at hand in NY, can be relied on  to share Nancy Pelosi's views on this matter.

Do NOT Ask Nancy Pelosi About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez OK???

As a son of New York, I am most mindful of the long trail of murders associated with the Clintons specifically and New York State generally, I believe Ocasio-Cortez merits  federal and NYPD protection beginning immediately.

I take this so seriously I am sharing this post with the Washington Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the three NYPD precincts that cover the Congressional District in question, and also with several of the President's intimates, and with the candidate herself. She is my prayers — I do not agree with many of her positions and I would like to see her learn more about the Deep State that our President is taking down but I pray without reservation for her continued good health and public success — she would be an interesting split ticket candidate for being Donald Trump's Vice President in 2020, as would Cynthia McKinney, who joined me to co-found #UNRIG.

I trust Scott Bennett's intuition. It tracks with my professional experience.

UPDATE: Election Day has come and passed. I do not believe the threat to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has passed, especially if Pelosi become the speaker. She will remain at risk for the foreseeable future.

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