Ed Jewett: Recommended Reading — A Lie Too Big to Fail – The Real History of the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by Lisa Pease

5 Star, Atrocities & Genocide, Censorship & Denial of Access, Corruption, Crime (Government), Justice (Failure, Reform), Misinformation & Propaganda, Power (Pathologies & Utilization)
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In A Lie Too Big to Fail, longtime Kennedy researcher (of both JFK and RFK) Lisa Pease lays out, in meticulous detail, how witnesses with evidence of conspiracy were silenced by the Los Angeles Police Department; how evidence was deliberately altered and, in some instances, destroyed; and how the justice system and the media failed to present the truth of the case to the public. Pease reveals how the trial was essentially a sham, and how the prosecution did not dare to follow where the evidence led.

A Lie Too Big to Fail asserts the idea that a government can never investigate itself in a crime of this magnitude.

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