James Fetzer – New Zealand False Flag – No One Died? UPDATE 10: New Zealander Published in Pravda

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My bottom line up front:

1. Assailant tapes self driving to mosque
2. Nazi-era music playing from the start.
3. Feel of a video game or home movie.
4. Three fake weapons on floor of car
5. Turns in after passing three red cars
6. An officer there directing him to turn
7. Opens trunk to see plastic fake guns
8. Walks up to mosque and fires blasts
9. No blood, no screams, no bullets
10. Piles of bodies before entering room
11. There are exits, no one tries to escape
12. Close-up shots, no entry wounds
13. Fires down alley but no one there
14. Even photo of director with crew

Phi Beta Iota: New Zealand has both good people in government and bad people. It is still not known if people actually died but it is known that the official narrative is a complete fabrication. This is a Zionist false flag intended to demonize white nationalists and set the stage for a pair of Muslim patsies to do another false flag, in the USA this time, to set the stage for US joining Israel in a war on Syria and Iran.  Crazy.  Updates below include several excellent videos.  Be sure to look over the other major post by Gordon Duff, with DIFFERENT updates, here.

Preliminary findings are illustrated by the film clip of disappearing bullet casings from special effects, and discussed in the below audio.

This appears to be a totally manufactured event and the censorship is part of a panicked realization that the world is going to pick this thing apart in a heartbeat.

Turkey has a team on the way. They will be stone-walled. We recommend that Indonesia, India, and Malaysia all demand, with Chinese endorsement, full access to the “prisoner” and all of the “victim” families and every bit of forensics. This may well be a golden opportunity to expose the ease with which today's corrupt media is enlisted in mass deception operations, while also forcing President Donald to fulfill his promise of 9/11 disclosure in time to take down the US-based Zionists and Dick Cheney (in passing, Trump can also take away all the gold that Dick Cheney has buried in Wyoming while also confiscating the stolen trillions on secret deposit in Montana).

Audio Analysis:

James H. Fetzer and Scott Bennett discuss NZ event

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Owl: William Craddick on New Zealand False Flag

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  I have watched the two videos here and find credence with the theory that there were no dead, this was all staged. As with Orlando, the rate of fire and the number of alleged dead do not coincide. With the exception of the possibly pre-staged entrance dead, there is ZERO blood and every kill is allegedly perfect with no blood trails, no blood visible from wounds.  This is actually a really poor job of staging.  All traffic has been blocked off to enable this staged event to take place.  After he runs outside and then returns some blood appears, as if they needed a short  break to apply the fake blood.  The shooting is actually quite inferior.   So random as to be a total failure in real life. The absence of police and the absence of traffic are noteworthy.  The alleged shotgun rounds fired through an intact front windshield are luducrous.  No sirens heard at all throughout.- less one in  the distance toward the end.  This simply does not pass the smell test.

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Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for the Truth — False Flag Deep State Truth! UPDATE 14: Spanish Translation

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UPDATE 1: Another list of reasons not to believe this story.

  1. No Blood as people being allegedly shot – Or blood spatter
  2. Bodies piled up before shots fired
  3. The guy is made to look like a racist all of a sudden
  4. No shattering glass, wood or exploding cement during gun fire
  5. Nothing solid impacted the bodies – Newtons law applies
  6. Body appears out of nowhere suggesting that the body was placed later
  7. Panic would ensue and people would scatter naturally but people just slumped
  8. No screams of horror or fear when faced with terror
  9. Clump of hair blown of womans scalp indicates air expelled by a rigged device
  10. So called killer fires shots against car window and window did not break
  11. The whole thing seems like a Pulp Fiction type movie
  12. It’s now illegal to watch the footage because people would realise how cartoonish it is
  13. The Internet is compromised and now the narrative is being controlled
  14. Bennett goes into detail about how to implement ad campaigning into massacre strategy
  15. A potential gun grab is pissing Fetzer off and rightly so because this would be 2nd Amendment molestation
  16. John Podesta was near location of shooting 24 hours before it all took place – Obvious anyone?
  17. Changing gun laws because guns kill people apparently – People don’t kill people apparently
  18. Shaun’s notes:  Australia: “There is no excuse for self defense with a firearm”… We can’t even call them weapons anymore. You want crazy? Come to my country, Australia, Fetzer & Bennett.
  19. Iran is an ally we need in the Middle East.  They are a cool calm collected people on the most part.  Since 1775 Iran has not started a War of aggression.
  20. They can produce an event such as what we just seen in NZ, because the media convince the dumbed down masses that it’s all real, even though the so called weapons used were plastic
  21. It’s all rubber bullets, flashing lights & sound and the stupid Sheeple masses lap it up because as far as they are concerned, the nightly news they watch each evening couldn’t possibly be wrong.


UPDATE 2: CGI Analysis of Faked Casings

Link: https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=WA2MDOAY45KA

Using link instead of embed because it is hard set to always play.

UPDATE 3: Scott Bennett 2 Videos

Bonus (NZ Police “Training” within Same Event)

UPDATE 4: Ole Dammegard Video

LINK: https://www.bitchute.com/video/AR6s58vtFdBr/

UPDATE 5: Steele Article

Below is going to be published by multiple parties around the world, and has also been delivered to the foreign ministries of Indonesia and New Zealand, among others.

Robert Steele with Javan Heirannia: New Zealand False Flag Event – Zionist Provocation to Disarm US White Nationalists and Start World War III?

UPDATE 6: “Hero Dad” Caught on Video Texting During Rehearsal

We predict the New Zealand government will fall over this. It is now up to the Muslim nations to form a Truth Commission, get in there and document this (unlike the USA where the 9/11 Commission was a complete cover-up and still today President Trump is allowing the Southern District to slow roll the demand of the Lawyer's Committee of Inquiry into 9/11 demand for a criminal Grand Jury.  New Zealand and US are CONNECTED.  Both 9/11 and this mosque false flag were done by Zionists as a pretext for both domestic gun control and international war.  The fastest path to peace is EXPOSURE of the Zionists and their use of false flag events.

Dr. Eowyn, NZ mosque shooting ‘hero dad’ caught texting in rehearsal video

UPDATE 7: NZ Removes Jesus from Parliament Player — Satanic Sign?

Anger as Jesus reference removed from New Zealand parliamentary prayer

UPDATE 8: Greg Hallett Video in Detail

Phi Beta Iota:  New Zealand is a day ahead of us.  The differences in times can be explained, and should not be a primary area of emphasis.

UPDATE 9: 4 Proofs of CGI Fake

ORIGINAL: How we know New Zealand mosque shooting video is a CGI fake

SAFETY COPY: Dr. Eowyn, How we know New Zealand mosque shooting video is a CGI fake

UPDATE 10: New Zealander Published in Pravda

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