Mongoose: War Up Close — Killing Ourselves

04 Inter-State Conflict, 07 Other Atrocities, 10 Transnational Crime, Corruption, Cultural Intelligence, Government, Military, Peace Intelligence

Text overview below the fold.

15 minutes poignant video about what our endless wars are truly about.

Doesn’t matter what war they fought -or are still fighting- in: our kids have been profoundly damaged for 70 years and left to die when they no longer served their purpose as mere killing machines.

Decades ago, John Barbour interviewed a Vietnam vet. He was a sniper, intentionally hooked on drugs and dehumanized for that purpose. He tells his story of having believed in going to fight “for the country” and what happened to him after his return. This kind of interview could not be conducted today: even Tulsi Gabbard stays away from any description of what she saw in combat. She remains generally vague in her antiwar position and no one wants to hear what she would have to say anyway, were she allowed to speak. Chances are, she is not allowed: secrecy is the name of the game.

Those are the throw-away kids who are now old, handicapped, homeless and roaming the streets of Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. We killed them by our indifference and apathy as surely as if we had injected them with the drugs ourselves. We kill them by pushing them to “enlist”. We bring in immigrants and dangle in front of their eyes the promise of speedy naturalization if they enlist. We pay the parents to push their children into our military.

1968 came and went. It has since become much, much worse, much, much more secretive. We call ourselves “humans”…

Do we have a drug problem in America? You bet! And as the infamous Sackler family of psychiatrists reveals, it was not accidental: Big Pharma is the most dangerous industry we have ever faced. Big Pharma is an arm of the military industrial complex. Its biggest arm, after finance.

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