Owl: The Transgender-Transhuman — Genocide of Humanity the True Cost of Transgender – Transhuman Loss of All Values for Profit

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Who? Who?

This is vastly worse than the Great Depression contrived by the banks with the complicity of the US President.  This is about genocide of humanity for profit.

Transgender Industry Only the First Phase of & Prelude to Transhumanism Industry

The transgenderism industry – the drugs, the clinics, the specialized MDs, hospitals, surgeries – focused on “transitioning” (as they put it) people – mostly children – into another gender, is an industry that, all by itself, is about making some pretty big money. But it’s small change compared to what is coming after it. The transgender industry is about softening the ground for much bigger prey and their bucks – this is why it is being pushed HARD. The text below is a collection of sequential tweets I gathered and put together on what it is by the foremost anti-transgender activist in the world, Jennifer Bilek, who below is here briefly describing the real targets of the push towards transgender.

Be sure to read her important primer on this issue:

Who Are the Rich, White Men Institutionalizing Transgender Ideology?

Jennifer Bilek @bjportraits

“The real money comes later.  Human interfacing with tech, AI, gene splicing, motherless births, etc. r what transgender is fertilizing the ground for.  This is where the real money is.  But they have to get you on board.  It is a hard pill to swallow. This is why they r changing laws & language. It’s not abt “gender.”  Those laws will open the gates to bio changes in humanity in the future.  This is why banks, governments, states, corporations, Hollywood, all our social institutions are on board for Transgender.  The changes to human bio are the future.

There is corporate pressure to conform to this ideology -from pharma & tech which everything interfaces with. Look what they did to N. Carolina when the state refused unisex bathrooms? 50 corporations signed an amicus brief threatening to pull their money out of the state if NC did not conform. Obama threatened school with loss of funding. The NBA pulled the games.

Corporations don’t care.  Banks don’t care.  and Governments don’t care about a bunch of kids who don’t feel comfortable in their bodies.  They all care about profit.  This is not civil rights.  Furthest thing from it. Resist Trans “gender” ideology while you still have a fighting chance.  We live in a corporate gulag & they are changing the entire definition of what it means to be human for a reason, for profit.  You are about to become the last & greatest commodity.”



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