Robert Steele: A Megadraught is Forming — Weather War is a Factor

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I accuse NASA, NOAA, and elements of the US Air Force of being in the employ of the Deep State and working to harm the economy of the USA and thus the re-election of President Donald Trump, while they are also harming China’s economy and others.

An alternative possibility that I  discount is that Russia is playing with its scalar geoengineering capabilities and seeing if it can arouse conflict between China and the USA.  I tend to discount this option.

Below are some graphics, two videos, links, and a comment from Alert Reader.


Previously shown (see first link for source and text):

New contextual perspective:

1) globe – only two hurricanes/typhoons existing on the same day, same time

2) a typhoon on the east coast of China

3) China coast closeup

4) Hurricane east coast USA

Just a coincidence?  Weather war between China and USA (tit-for-tat)?  Third party trying to start a war with China-USA?



Zero Edge: Deep Drought in Iowa – Is President Trump Watching?

Review (Guest): Principia Meteorologia – The Physics of Sun Earth Weather

Geogengineering @ Phi Beta Iota

Weather War @ Phi Beta Iota

Alert Reader says:

Can they manipulate weather to create droughts is the question … hurricane Laura had all the characteristics of a manipulated storm doing the impossible (going from cat 1 to 4 in 12 hours – predicted to gain energy while over land … i am getting reports of severe conditions in the path of the storm NOT BEING REPORTED anywhere in MSM) … were the hurricane straight line winds through Iowa also manipulated … you can direct dry wind into areas as well as wet air via satellite lasers to manipulate the movement of the high and low cells … there is an all out war on the harvest this year.

Yes all of this is to destroy the economy and hurt the public .. remember the tale of Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham … the shariff’s modus opererdus was to hurt the public so much that they would turn in the “thief” Robin Hood … in his twisted logic that was his plan but the public moved robin hood to near sainthood … so yes this is to destroy anything and everything because the success Trump was having guaranteed their loss in the upcoming election … Trump is clueless about weather manipulation and who is doing this … i worked with russian scientists in the mid- 1990s (they were atmospheric scientists at the University of Novosibirsk in central russia) … we developed the methods of shunting hurricanes and manipulating them with laser satellites to move away from land and dump the water off shore … this technology was gained by the deep state US military and in 2002 the first major US military laser satellites were launched and controlled storms in florida and others including Katrina … i reported on this in my shows etc … in around 2002 these same russian scientists approached the UN and demanded that these be classified as illegal weapons of warefare but the US refused to sign the treaty (since it required that the technology could not be used against its own citizens) … HAARP is an old technology that was replaced by the newer more accurate laser systems … Trump is clueless and has to arrest the deep state military (housed in the mountains of Boulder CO … a second part of this is the total misinformation being pawned off on the public for the causes of hurricanes and the reporting to make all of this look “natural” … the weather news media has been completely purchased and controlled by the Rothschild banking elite … this is a large story but Trump is clueless … for example Hurricane Michael in Florida a few years ago was a storm to disrupt Florida 2018 election which was key to the democrats taking the house (one of the tactics used) … I have been stating publicly that NASA and NOAA will coordinate both space and weather issues to block the 2020 election as an all out last effort to steal the coming election

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