Robert Steele: Web 3.0 Informal Steering Group Members 1.0

Autonomous Internet

I have finalized the Web 3.0 Informal Steering Group for Phase 1.0.  Martin Geddes and Stephen E. Arnold will join me as the informal executive cell that can sign confidentiality and other agreements on behalf of my new company Open Source Everything, Inc. Our public website will be which will be a subset of a larger website to press forward on Open Source Everything Engineer (OSEE).

00 Steele, Robert David US Open Source Everything, Inc.
01 Arnold, Stephen E. US Arnold IT
02 Bauwens, Michel BE Peer to Peer
03 Geddes, Martin UK Independent Engineer
04 Jakubowski, Marcin US CEO, Open Source Ecology
05 Leighton, Luke Kenneth Casson Libre Ethical Technology Specialist
06 Newby, Hunter US CEO, Dark Fiber
07 Petersen, John US Arlington Institute
08 08 Singh, Gurminder SG EcoSpirit Collaborative Platform & Nurubics Corp.
09 Takemiya, Makoto JP Soramitsu (Blockchain)
10 Vahey, Ray US Bitchute (Video)
11 Vervaecke, Steven BE Independent Engineer
12 Weibe, Kirk US Pretty Good Knowledge

We anticipate that this group will be rapidly augmented by another 120 trusted colleagues with a particular emphasis on colleagues from other countries who understand the urgency of creating free open source information and intelligence (sense-making and decision-support) capabilities to advance the public interest for the 99% against the 1%.

This is a non-partisan group serving the public. The fact that Martin and I and several others in this group know in intimate detail the depth of evil that pervades every institution on the planet is one of the reasons I support Donald Trump and our military but my “root” is Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) in service to the 99% and this group is absolutely non-partisan and also aligned with our #UNRIG focus on empowering people, not parties.

The difference between us and everyone else is that we are actually changing the paradigm under Martin Geddes's guidance while also thinking about all aspects of the challenge that are now in the below state of decrepitude:

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We also have the world's top bullshit detector, Steven E. Arnold, who is “God” for everything that is wrong with BigTech and everything that is false about those claiming to have re-invented the wheel.

Now, having said that, we totally embrace the possibilities of federation and the evolution of BigTech toward being more ethical and open. Individuals must be empowered to transition to a better ecology that respects individual anonymity, identity, privacy, and security, and individual sovereignty over their own data and how it is used, while also providing individuals with access to all data in all languages and all mediums AND the sense-making tools needed to augment human intelligence rather than subvert it. ExoTech, for example, appears aligned with our vision.

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Game on. A movie is planned, I am now very much into making movies. We will not be doing an IPO, Wall Street has stolen $100 trillion from innovators and pension funds in the past 15 years, while also laundering $100 trillion in illicit wealth from trafficking in women, children, adrenochrome, body parts, drugs, and other contraband. I raised $120K in one week with one post and two emails. We have the first $10M lined up and a follow-on $250M from ten individuals under discussion. Wall Street can fuck off.  Everything we  do is Of, By, and For We the People. Shares will be made available to everyone that contributes. No member of the informal steering group is in any way legally or financially liable for my statement and actions as the catalyst for these discussions.

Smart Nation Vision – By Invitation

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