Martin Armstrong: Bill Gates & MIT Crimes Against Humanity – Vaccine to Tag Children and Remotely Control Fertility

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Bill Gates and MIT Unveil Quantum Dots to Mark Children

There is a much grander agenda going on. Bill Gates does not want to increase the world population, he was raised to worry about it. Simply put, I find it inconsistent that this guy is really trying to help humanity rather than limit the population when he is also developing chips that remotely control birth. Gates has been focused on India and Africa to reduce population growth.

This is why Republic forms of government are so dangerous. He only has to bribe politicians to create a totalitarian state. Democracy is where the PEOPLE decide these issue on a direct vote. This is why I am against career politicians of any party. They are for sale to the highest bidder.

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Tip of the Hat to Ray Songtree,

From last October but all the more relevant now.

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