Graphic: Russian Zionist Mafia (Zionist NOT Jewish)

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Graphics: Humanity Abused, Dumbed Down, Enslaved….

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Dan Shultz: Graphic Concept for Unified Conservative Party

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Note: same concept can be applied by Sandernistas to the Democratic Party.

Graphic: US Immigrants versus Natural Births

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Phi Beta Iota: As the source points out, declining birthrates are correpated with a loss of confidence by the public in the economy and the government.

Graphic: Africa Map – True Size Comparisons

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Berto Jongman: UN/Oxfam Pedophilia Over Decades — 23 Organizations Indicted in 2008 Report

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Oxfam was told of aid workers raping and sexually exploiting children in Haiti a decade ago

Children as young as six were being coerced into sex in exchange for food and necessities, according to a damning report by Save the Children, which called for urgent action including the creation of a global watchdog.

Its research exposed abuse linked to 23 humanitarian, peacekeeping and security organisations operating in Haiti, Ivory Coast and what was then Southern Sudan.

Graphic (Andre Staltz): Layers of the Internet Economy

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Robert Steele: Creating a Post-Western Independent Internet (Trump Revolution 22)

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Creating a Post-Western Independent Internet

An Open Source Internet Can Create Peace and Prosperity for All

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Robert David Steele

The recent decision by President Vladimir Putin to create an independent Internet with a separate Domain Name System (DNC) that is impervious to Western attack including data corruption and mis-representation is a good decision. President Putin’s desire to have such an independent Internet in place by August 2018 is ambitious but achievable.[1] It is a great pity that the BRICS have wasted four years since they first considered this essential need.[2]

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#UNRIG Logos — Free For Anyone’s Use


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ZeroHedge: Top 25 US Lobbying Organizations

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Bottom Line: US Chamber of Commerce, Realtors, US Medical Fraud Industry, US Defense Fraud Industry