Robert Steele: Core Building Block for Web 3.0 – SORA Decentralized Blockchain Ecology

#OSE Open Source Everything, Budgets & Funding, Capabilities-Force Structure, Citizen-Centered, Leadership-Integrity, Multinational Plus, Strategy-Holistic Coherence

I have started assembling the top twelve minds for the creation of Web 3.0. This was written by one of the twelve.

The SORA Parliament

Sora XOR

Multi-body sortition allows for collusion- and censorship-resistant governance

Unlike many other blockchain networks and societies that use token voting, SORA will utilize multi-body sortition in order to govern the SORA blockchain network and use of the SORA funds in a decentralized way

In the SORA Parliament, no single body or committee can both propose and decide something; clear separation of powers allows for careful review and avoids self-selection

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Berto Jongman: George Monbiot on Leadership

Berto Jongman

Anyone who wants to be prime minister should have a course of therapy first

Our toxic political system rewards all the wrong traits and produces the worst possible leaders

A few years ago, the psychologist Michelle Roya Rad listed the characteristics of good leadership. Among them were fairness and objectivity; a desire to serve society rather than just yourself; a lack of interest in fame and attention; and resistance to the temptation to hide the truth or make impossible promises.

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