Graphic: Open Everything

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2007 Open Everything: We Won, Let’s Self-Govern

2010 M4IS2 Briefing for South America — 2010 M4IS2 Presentacion por Sur America (ANEPE Chile)

Event: 8-12 June Narobi Africa Agriculture GIS Week 2010

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Jointly organized by the Consortium for Spatial Information (CSI) of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), HarvestChoice, and the Agricultural Geospatial Commons (AGCommons) Program, the event builds on the success of last year’s meeting. However, AAGW 2010 has a broader scope and will be presented as a “GIS ShareFair”, complete with a market place that will include exhibitors, training sessions, thematic workshops, presentation sessions, CGIAR Spatial Science Sessions, the third gathering of WhereCampAfrica, and the unveiling of the AGCommons service bureau.

Graphic: Global Range of Nano-Needs

Advanced Cyber/IO, Africa, Analysis, Citizen-Centered, ICT-IT, Innovation, Policies-Harmonization, Strategy-Holistic Coherence
Global Range of Nano-Needs
Global Range of Nano-Needs

This is the original implementation vision graphic for the Earth Intelligence Network (EIN), such that needs at the individual and household level can be “called in” via Rapid SMS with geospatial coordinates, then clustered, then acted upon by individual or combinations of individual or organizational donors.

We can do this today, all we lack is leadership.

Graphic: Africa Ethnographic


Africa Ethno JPEGThis extraordinary map is the best we have been able to find on the natural ethnographic boundaries in Africa that are long overdue for respect and restoration in a massive continent-wide truth & reconciliation endeavor that could be led by the African Union.

Before Africa can engage predatory foreign elements it must first restore its own historical and cultural coherence.

Graphic: Africa Three Views

Africa Views
Africa Views

This graphic combines Africa's natural ethnographic distribution in comparison with the imposed colonial spheres of influence and the comparative relative size maps for China, Europe, and the UNSA combined.