Mongoose: Putin Terminates Rothschilds, Central Banks, and World Trade Organization — If He Can Do It So Can We!

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Putin Announces Total Independence from ‘Rothschild-Controlled’ US Dollar

“The greatest tradition that can be passed on to your kids and grandchildren is not cash or other material things built up in life, however, rather a tradition of liberty from enslavement.”Putin declares Russia to be finally free from the ‘icy grip’ of Lord Jacob Rothschild

By making the last payment on all the former Soviet republics debts to the world’s central banks– making Russia the first nation to set itself totally free from the oppressive grip of the New World Order’s banking system– Putin has actually made sure future generations of Russians will not live in financial obligation slavery to the globalist cabal.

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Ben Fulford: Occupation of Israel? Military Take Down of Credit Card Companies & Big Tech?

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Massive March Campaign Planned Against Global Idiocracy

The Khazarian Mafia Cabal that controls the West and Communist China is rejecting the Gnostic Illuminati’s demand to surrender and is about to face a massive March campaign to permanently eradicate its membership, multiple agencies and secret society sources say.

The Cabal is now in panic mode after planning to institute global idiocracy featuring diminished mental capacity and population reduction through a series of vaccines.

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Greg Hunter with Catherine Austin Fitts: Building a Bitcoin Prison

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Building a Bitcoin Prison – Catherine Austin Fitts

Fitts says, “We are in Never, Never Land. We have two groups in our society: One group that can print money, and the other who can earn money. What we saw last year is the people who could print money declared war on the people who earn money. They basically said we are going to shut down your businesses, and we are going to suck up and take your market share or buy you out with money we print out of thin air. . . . We have no pandemic. What this is is an economic war.”

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Matt Ehret: How to Crush a Bankers’ Dictatorship – Lessons from FDR 1933

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How to Crush a Bankers’ Dictatorship: How the Great Reset of 1933 Was Thwarted by FDR

The bubbles of the 1920s were unleashed with the early death of President William Harding in 1923 and grew under the careful guidance of JP Morgan’s President Coolidge and financier Andrew Mellon (Treasury Secretary) who de-regulated the banks, imposed austerity onto the country, and cooked up a scheme for Broker loans allowing speculators to borrow 90% on their stock. Wall Street was deregulated, investments into the real economy were halted during the 1920s and insanity became the norm. In 1925 broker loans totaled $1.5 billion and grew to $2.6 billion in 1926 and hit $5.7 billion by the end of 1927. By 1928, the stock market was overvalued fourfold!

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Stephen E. Arnold: Objectifying the Hiring Process: Human Judgment Must Be Shaped

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Objectifying the Hiring Process: Human Judgment Must Be Shaped

Do online hiring and filtering systems work. The write up reminds the thumb typing reader about Amazon’s algorithmic hiring and filtering system:

In 2018 it was widely reported to have scrapped its own system, because it showed bias against female applicants. The Reuters news agency said that Amazon’s AI system had “taught itself that male candidates were preferable” because they more often had greater tech industry experience on their resume. Amazon declined to comment at the time.

From my vantage point, it seems as if these algorithmic hiring vendors are selling their services. That’s great until one of the customers takes the outfit to court.

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