Tom Bearden: Free Energy via Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG)

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It was 20 years ago today, or almost, that Tom Bearden’s (et al) Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) burst onto the scene, putting out a solid overunity power performance which was replicated by a number of researchers. One build up was tested to destruction producing a Coefficient of Performance (COP) over 100.  The unit was awarded a Patent by the US Patent office, and Tom incorporated it into a personal briefing that he gave to two Senate technical committees in Washington.  For a while, its details and performance was listed on the Department of Energy website, and later removed.

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ReThinkX: Energy Disruption Ahead?

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We are on the cusp of the fastest, deepest, most profound disruption of the energy sector in over a century.

Like most disruptions, this one is being driven by the convergence of several key technologies whose costs and capabilities have been improving on consistent and predictable trajectories – namely, solar photovoltaic power, wind power, and lithium-ion battery energy storage. Our analysis shows that 100% clean electricity from the combination of solar, wind, and batteries (SWB) is both physically possible and economically affordable across the entire continental United States as well as the overwhelming majority of other populated regions of the world by 2030. Adoption of SWB is growing exponentially worldwide and disruption is now inevitable because by 2030 they will offer the cheapest electricity option for most regions. Coal, gas, and nuclear power assets will become stranded during the 2020s, and no new investment in these technologies is rational from this point forward.

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Consortium News: Michael Klare on COVID-19: The Beginning of the End for Oil?

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COVID-19: The Beginning of the End for Oil?

Michael T. Klare says a vast restructuring of the global energy enterprise is happening now.  

Among the first and most dramatic of these has been a shockingly deep decline in flying, automobile commuting, and leisure travel — activities that account for a large share of daily petroleum use. Airline travel in the United States, for example, is down by 95 percent from a year ago. At the same time, the personal consumption of electricity for telework, distance learning, group conversations and entertainment has soared. In hard-hit Italy, for instance, Microsoft reports that the use of its cloud services for team meetings — a voracious consumer of electricity — has increased by 775 percent.

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J. C. Cole: Food & Fuel Crisis Looms in the USA

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In one of my first posts on Gray Swans I focused on food sustainability:

JC Cole: American Gray Swans USA 14 Feb 2019

Most Americans mistake “Food Production Volume” with “Food Security”. Obviously they are not the same. In America we have a substantial “Food Production Volume” but we have no “Food Security”. Food Security is “Food Production Volume” plus “Food Accessibility”. As stated earlier, our sophisticated “Just in Time Delivery” system is quite vulnerable. Think of it as a well tuned Swiss Watch. Just one hammer and it stops.

Below I also add our lack of refineries and vulnerability in relation to fuel.

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