ZeroHedge: Solar Energy + Wind Energy + Storage Now Viable

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MIT: The Energy System Of The Future Is Closer Than We Think

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Thanks to continuously declining costs, a hybrid renewable electricity generation system that combines wind, solar, and storage could become competitive with the cheapest fossil fuel electricity in the United States—combined-cycle natural gas generation, an MIT professor suggests.

John Deutch, an Institute Professor at MIT, has recently presented a study, ‘Demonstrating Near Carbon Free Electricity Generation from Renewables and Storage’, at an energy seminar at Stanford University.

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Jon Rappoport: 5G, Apart from Killing You, Is About Rationing Energy — You Lose Twice

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Jon Rappoport

5G: Harmful effects of a new technology

A few of the many corporations involved include Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm, Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson, ZTE. This is a global operation, and many governments are backing the push.


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Koko: Energy Positive Homes — No Heat or Electric Bills

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New homes are able to be built which create more energy than they use by design, saving money in the construction process and rolling the savings into the solar component. These homes cost around the same as stick construction, but are stronger, quieter, and go up faster. The 4 bedroom 3 bath model home in Iowa produced 159% of it’s own energy last year, certified by an Accountant. If you know someone considering building a new home, talk to them about choosing an Energy Positive new home.

Koko: What If “The Wall” Generated Solar Power?

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Alert Reader writes in…

The number of solar panels that could be put along the “Trumps wall” should be able to create as much electrical power as something like the hoover dam.

Electrical power that mexico could pay for, as Trump intended.

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Rebecca Campbell: Tesla Free Zero Point Energy — a Trump Go Ahead?

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Visiv, the new company soon testing this Zenneck wave-based Tesla free zero point energy-based technology, has two retired USAF generals as corporate officers, as well as a respected Tesla-like long-time electrical engineer/inventor, a former energy company executive and a CFO who has both accounting and legal credentials.

They specifically state on their website, indicating that this form of wireless may not only be vastly more efficient, elegant and safer than all existing wireless electrical technologies — including the hazardous 4G/5G now on the market — but that it will soon be allowed by major market forces to displace its existing less viable, less safe competition:

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Koko: Solar Fuel?

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Scientists are trying to bottle solar energy and turn it into liquid fuel

“A solar thermal fuel is like a rechargeable battery, but instead of electricity you put sunlight in and get heat out.”

Scientists have spent decades looking for a way do just that, and now researchers in Sweden are reporting significant progress. They’ve developed a specialized fluid that absorbs a bit of sunlight’s energy, holds it for months or even years and then releases it when needed. If this so-called solar thermal fuel can be perfected, it might drive another nail in the coffin of fossil fuels — and help solve our global-warming crisis

Unlike oil, coal and natural gas, solar thermal fuels are reusable and environmentally friendly. They release energy without spewing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

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Mongoose: 5G = Bio-War, Mind-Control

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5G Network Uses Same EMF Waves As Pentagon Crowd Control System

The new cell network uses high-band radio frequency millimeter waves to deliver high bandwidth data to any device within line of sight.

Among the many potential problems with exposure to 5G radio waves are issues with the skin, which is interesting when you consider that this technology is already being used in the military for crowd control purposes.

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Penguin: Inventor of ‘Free Energy’ Electrical Generator: “I’ve Been Poisoned Several Times”

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Inventor of ‘Free Energy’ Electrical Generator: “I’ve Been Poisoned Several Times”

    • The Facts:Adam Trombly and colleague Joseph Kahn designed and applied for patents for the Closed Path Homopolar Generator, a revolutionary design for super-efficient generation of electrical power. He explains the suppression of free energy machines.

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Yoda: “Smart” Grid is a Scam — Massive Surveillance, Hazardous to Health, a Totalitarian Sodomization of Society

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Josh del Sol’s award winning documentary investigates so-called “smart” utility meters, uncovering shocking evidence of in-home privacy invasions, increased utility bills, health & environmental harm, fires and unprecedented hacking vulnerability… and lights the path toward solutions.

Take Back Your Power | The award-winning ‘smart’ meter documentary

Martin Armstrong: Oil Under the Golan — the Real Reason for Regime Change Operations Against Syria — Dick Cheney Continues to Rule…

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Martin A. Armstrong

Is There Really More Oil in The Golan Heights than in Saudi Arabia? Who’s Genie Energy?

This is one of the best kept secrets. You can imagine that if this went into production, then the disputed Syrian land issue occupied by Israel would come to the forefront. This is why it gets no play but this is one reason Obama was working to overthrow the Syrian government.

Sepp Hasslberger: Electricity from Touch,

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Sepp Hasslberger

This would be much better than an electro chemical battery … as long as the phones we power with it don’t microwave us to death…

Scientists have developed a material that generates electricity simply by touching it

…beyond just touchscreen gadgets, the researchers say the thin, flexible device could also be used in our clothing or shoes, helping us harvest energy from our body movements potentially all day long.

Berto Jongman: Clothing Collects Solar Energy, Powers Devices

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Now THAT’S what you call power dressing! Smart clothes use solar energy to charge devices

  • Researchers have previously tried to create fibres to supply energy
  • But many of these couldn’t withstand clothing manufacturing
  • The new material incorporates two types of fibre with cotton, creating a flexible material that is fully charged by sunlight