Videos on Election Fraud/Theft

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+ Stealing America: Vote by Vote

+ American Blackout: documentary of Greg Palast's investigation into voter fraud

+ UNCOUNTED: The New Math of American Elections

+ Hacking Democracy: The HBO Special

+ Election theft video archive from

Note: Diebold – “Diebold Election Systems” acquired by “Premiere Election Solutions” then acquired by “ES&S” which was acquired by “Dominion” in 2010 (wikipedia).

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+ Election Defense Alliance
+ Citizens for Legitimate Gov

Video: Edible Education: Food Politics (Cal Berkeley)

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Edible Education: The Politics of Food

Sep 23, 2011
Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH, Paulette Goddard Professor in Dept. of Nutrition at NYU.
A fantastic overview of the state of the American food system from food safety to marketing to children (Frosted Flakes & Froot Loops marketing budgets = $20million+), corporate lobbying against soda sugar tax, to the “food revolution” of more people demanding local organic foods, farmer's markets (over 6,132 in 2010), calorie labeling, and much more.

At this mark she mentions that campaign laws are the source of all government corruption and that “we” should run for office,  inserting ourselves into the job positions filled with corrupt persons.

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Video Interview with Chris Hedges at Occupy Wall Street

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Author and former war correspondent for the New York Times, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist interviewed at Liberty Plaza/Occupy Wall Street (Sept 26)

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Video: Chris Hedges Public Lecture on his experiences in war zones

Video: “Death of the Liberal Class” at The Sanctuary for Independent Media

Review: Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle

(Video) The World According To Monsanto + Article on US State Dept Protecting Them

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Watch the documentary free on YouTube

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“US Sought “Talking Points” to Combat Impact of French Documentary on Monsanto”

By: Kevin Gosztola Thursday August 25, 2011

There are multiple indications in the large cache of US State Embassy cables WikiLeaks has been releasing (extended summary here) that the US State Department is willing to do just about anything to ensure the multinational agricultural biotech corporation, Monsanto, has its interests protected in countries around the world.

Cables show the State Department has been very active in defending Monsanto in France during the past decade. In one particular case, a French documentary, “The World According to Monsanto,” was released. A diplomat with the US embassy in Madrid immediately felt the need for “talking points” so it knew what to say in response to the content in the film. (Full article here)

French documentary source website

(Video) Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century

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Watch the movie online here for free

This has been added to a new “mega-list” of documentaries worth seeing that is in development.

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“The Century of the Self”: Must-See Documentary on Psychology, Advertising, Consumerism and Control